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Asby (In. brass under E. window). This window is the gift of the Honble Mary Howard of Levens, in the County of Westmorland.

Grasmere (Chancel E. hatchment of widow). Arms of Fleming with Badge of Ulster, thereon inescultcheon 41y 1. Fleming; 2. Howard; 3. Brotherton; .4. Warren (i.e. Sir Daniel Fleming Bart and Anne Frederica Elizabeth his wife, nee le Fleming).

Grasmere (In. hatchment). Arms of Fleming with Ulster's Badge, thereon inescutcheon 41y. 1. Howard; 2. Brotherton ; 3. Warren; 4. Mowbray (i.e. Sir Michael le Fleming and Dinah his wife, nee Howard.* * –––– Fixed aloft A faded hatchment hung, and one by time Yet undiscoloured. Excursion, Book v.

Grasmere (In. hatchment). Crest and Arms of Fleming, with helmet and Ulster’s Badge. Motto: Resurgam. On inescutcheon 41y grand quarters. 1. and 4. 1. Howard; 2. Brotherton; 3. Warren; 4. Mowbray; 2. and 3. 1. and 4. or.. chief. sa 3. escallops of field; 2. and 3. or., fess checky ar. and az. in chief, chevron gu. (Grahme. Coll. Arms: C. 39 2nd cal. 21, i.e. Graham of Netherby).

Heversham (N). + I. h. s. Here lieth Alexander Forbes a native of Culloden in Scotland, for fifty one years. in the service of the family of Howard at Levens Hall, by whom he was beloved and respected, he died February 23, 1861 at the age of 77.

Heversham (In. N. Levens Chapel, E). F. G. H., Memory of G. H. Sacred memory of Fulke Greville Howard, second son of Clotworthy, first Baron Templetown, of Castle Upton Co. Antrim, Colonel in the Army, sometime in the 1st or Grenr. Regiment of Guards. He married 9th July 1807 Mary only daughter of Richard, and the Honble.Frances Howard, when he took the name of Howard. She was heiress to Elford Co. Stafford, Castle Rising in Norfolk, Levens in this parish, and Ashtead in Surrey, where his remains are deposited, but at each of these spots his name has made for itself a lasting resting place. He was wise and good, let the void left by his death In the hearts of those who mourn his loss bear testimony how deeply he was beloved. B. 3rd April 1773. died 4th March 1846. " Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. " Hoc saxum desiderii ergo et amoris ponendum atque inscribendum curârunt ejus nepotes. T. G. F. A. U. Xmas, 1850.

Heversham (Ib). Sacred memory of the Honble. Mary Greville Howard of Levens Hall, widow of Coll. the Honble. Fulke Greville Howard. On the death of her father in the y. 1818 she became possessed of the estates of Castle Rising in Norfolk, Elford in the County of Stafford, Ashtead in Surrey, and Levens in this Country. She resided frequently at each of them and has left in all ample proofs of her wise and Christian benevolence, but nowhere has the care she had for her own people been shown more abundantly than in this country, and in this neighbourhood. She died at Ashtead on the nineteenth of October 1877 in the 93rd years. of her age - last of a long line. In loving remembrance of her generous nature and never failing affection they who remain to deplore her loss raise together this monument in memorial of her worth and excellence. Levens, October 1878. A. U.-T.-C. B.

Kendal (W) In memory of John Howard, of Natland, who died July 2nd 1823 Aged 46y. his Widow caused this stone to be erected.