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Found 2 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Grasmere (In. hatchment). Arms of Fleming with Ulster's Badge, thereon inescutcheon 41y. 1. Howard; 2. Brotherton ; 3. Warren; 4. Mowbray (i.e. Sir Michael le Fleming and Dinah his wife, nee Howard.* * –––– Fixed aloft A faded hatchment hung, and one by time Yet undiscoloured. Excursion, Book v.

Grasmere (In. hatchment). Crest and Arms of Fleming, with helmet and Ulster’s Badge. Motto: Resurgam. On inescutcheon 41y grand quarters. 1. and 4. 1. Howard; 2. Brotherton; 3. Warren; 4. Mowbray; 2. and 3. 1. and 4. or.. chief. sa 3. escallops of field; 2. and 3. or., fess checky ar. and az. in chief, chevron gu. (Grahme. Coll. Arms: C. 39 2nd cal. 21, i.e. Graham of Netherby).