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Appleby St Michael (N. W). I. H. S. In memory of Robert Gowling, stonemason, of Bongate, who died 14th February 1870 aged 49 years. , also of Elizabeth his sister who died 1st July 1839 aged 28, also Hannah who died 14th February . 1840 aged 31, and of Matthew Morland who died 25th July 1844 aged 38, also Eleanor his wife late Gowling who died 24th July 1869 aged 55, also Elizabeth their daughter who died 29th Janry. 1870 aged 27, also Elizabeth Ann, daughter of William and Ann Nelson who died 17 March 1855 aged 6 m.

Appleby St Michael (N). To the memory of Elizabeth, the wife, of John Nelson of Bongate who died September 30th 1854 aged 76 years. , also of the said John Nelson who died September 27th 1863 aged 84 years. , also of Elizabeth their granddaughter who died October 15th 1851 aged 3 years. , and also of John Nelson their son, who died August 2nd 1873 aged 56 years.

Appleby St Michael (W). To. m. Joseph Nelson who died March 8th, 1800, Aged 55 years. Also Ann his wife who died February 3rd, 1815, Aged 71, & Joseph their son who died June 1st, 1817, Aged 21. (Other side). Sacred memory of Elizabeth the daughter of William & Frances Nelson of Bongate, who died March 1st, 1819, Aged 10 years. Spectators all both old and young Your time on earth will not be long I like a lily fresh & green Was once cut down & no more seen. Also John their son who died February 4th, 1834, Aged 29 years.

Appleby St Michael (W). "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." In memory of William Nelson of Bongate, who died May 31st, 1858, aged 73, also of Frances his wife who died Novr. 5th, 1860, aged 77 years. , also in m. Joseph Nelson their son, who died August 5th, 1875, aged 53 years.

Appleby St Michael (W). In affectionate remembrance of William Nelson who died at Drybeck Hall March 24th 1863, Aged 50 years. Also 2 of his children, Frances died March 8th, 1846, Aged 4 years. Also William an infant.

Brough (N. On Card under glass.) In Memory of Edward Nelson of Greenock Who died May 14th 1883 Aged 37 years. interred at Brough Churchyard. Day after day we saw him fade And gently pass away. We often prayed in our hearts That he might longer stay. But Qh he's gone for ever gone And left us here to weep, Till we are called to follow, And in the grave to sleep.

Brougham (E. of path). Here Lieth all that was mortal of John Nelson of Hornby Hall, Yeoman, who departed this life April 18, A. died MDCCCXXIII in the 79th years. of his age, also of Mary Nelson his wife, who died December . 17, 1840 aged 81 years. , also of Ann their daughter who died May 17th 1862 aged 68y.

Brougham (E. of path). In memory of Thomas Nelson of Hornby Hall, who died January 21st 1871 aged 73 years.

Grasmere (N. stone edging). I. h. S. In affectionate remembrance of Wilfred Nelson who died June 29th 1880 aged 75 years. (Space left) also of their beloved daughter Dinah who died March 21st 1869 aged 18 years. Also of Mary Ann Metcalfe who died September 17th 1870 aged 22 years. Also of Ann Kemp late of Bowness, who died at Grasmere August 24th 1884 aged 75 years.

Heversham (E). Sacred memory of Edward Holme who departed this life at Kidside December . 31st, 1843 aged 75 years. , and of Elizabeth his Wife who died Oct. 1st, 1855 aged 88, also of Joseph Nelson, son-in-law of the above who died at Levens May 13th 1854 aged 64 years. , also of Mary, widow of Joseph Nelson, formerly of Kidside Who died at Patton Hall August 17th, 1870 aged 74 years. , also of William Holme, son of the above who died at Levens April 28th 1871 aged 64 years.

Heversham (N) . In remembrance of Margaret wife of William Nelson of Cartmel and daughter of William Jackson of Rowell, who died December . 16th, 1866, aged 53 years. , also of the above William Nelson who died June 30th, 1871 aged 63 years. , also of William their son who met his death by accident in Liverpool on the 6th September . 1874 aged 32 years.

Heversham (In. chancel N). S, m. Richard Nelson who died 25th December 1804 aged 54 y., also of Agnes his Wife who died January 8th, 1825 aged 72 years. Arms: per pale ar. and sa. chevron counterchanged between three fleurs de lis, impaling Erminois a lion rampant,

Heversham (E. flat tomb, rail). Sacred memory of Richard Nelson 1804, Agnes Nelson 1825, Richard their son who died at Liverpool April 15th, 1864 aged 84 years. Jane his wife who died April 17th, 1846 aged 55 years. Ann Jones daughter of Richard and Jane Nelson who died at Liverpool May 23rd, 1865 Aged 41 years.

Heversham (N). In memory of Septimus Nelson who died at Rowell December . 5th, 1868 aged 77 years. Also of Margaret his Wife who died at Rowell February 12th, 1866 aged 72 years.

Heversham (E). I. H. S. In loving memory Thomas Nelson of Low Rowell, who died June l0th 1884, aged 54 years. , also of Alexander, son of Robert and Rachel Webster, and nephew of the above who died at Low Rowell November 13th, 1884 aged 24 years. " To me live is Christ, and to die is gain."

Kendal (In. W.) To the memory of Joseph Nelson of Barrows Green near Kendal who died December 1792 aged fourty years. Ann Nelson his wife who died January 18,1845 aged 8 years. Rachel Nelson their daughter who died May 1810 aged twenty-two years. (Space). This monument has been erected by their affectionate son Thomas Nelson, Merchant, of Graham's Town, Cape of Good Hope, in the years. 1848.

Kendal (W. flat, formerly altar tomb & railed on 2 sides). Here lie the Remains of Thomas Nelson who died May 1st 1768 Aged 61. Also near this place lies the Body of Agnes his Wife & Two children. Under this Stone is deposited the Body of Thomas Millers, nephew of the above Thomas Nelson who died December .29th 1794 Aged 65. Here also are deposited the Remains of Esther, Widow of the said Thomas Millers who died April 6th 1803 Aged 73.

Kendal (N.) To the memory of William Nelson, late of Kirkland who died on the 14th July 1814 aged 85 & Agnes his Wife who died 16th January 1814 Aged 81. Also five of their children viz: Jane who died in London the 7th February 1812 Aged 56, Rowland, who also died in London the 15th July 1797 aged 37, Agnes, who likewise died in London the 4th July 1813 aged 47, William who died the 11th Decr. 1772 aged 2, & Robert who died the 16th March 1786 Aged 10. Likewise Mary, the Wife of Mr. John Nelson & daughter of Titus & Mary Wilson of Kirkland who died in London the 24th Augt. 1811 aged 47. The said Mr. Nelson hath caused this Stone to be erected as a small token of his affectionate love and esteem towards his Parents, Brothers, Sisters, & Wife the 29th September . 1814. (Flag). Sacred memory of Agnes Nelson of Kirkland who departed this life August 6th 1843 in the 50th y. of her age. Rest here distress'd by pain no more, There find the calm you gave so oft. before' Sleep undisturb'd within this peaceful shrine Till angels wake you with a note divine. also Jane Nelson of Kirkland who departed life this life on the 20th of December 1848 aged 77 years. her end was peace.

Kirkby Stephen (In. N. on wood). This Bread given by desire of Jos. Nelson, son of Thomas Nelson, tallow chandler in this Town, who departed this life June the 16th 1776 Aged 35 years.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of Margaret, daughter of Richard Nelson, surgeon & apothecary, late of Hartley who departed this life July 7, 1772, aged 27.

Lowther In memory of John Nelson, Yeoman,of Whale. who died January 17th 1861 aged 79 years. Also Sarah his wife who died April 27th 1881 aged 77 years. Also Mary their daughter who died March 14th 1861 aged 25 years. Also Thomas their son who d December . 20th 1862 aged 20 years.

Orton (N). The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. -1 John, i., 7. In memory of Elizabeth the beloved wife of Robert Nelson of Orton, born October 12th 1832, died April 20th 1869. Also Robert Nelson, Husband of the above, born November 6, 1818 died Oct. 10, 1886.

Orton (In. middle window sill, N. aisle, brass). In memory of Elizabeth wife of Robert Nelson who died April 20th 1869 aged 37 years.

Orton (N). Sacred memory of John Nelson formerly of Holme near Burton, Westmorland, yeoman, but late of Orton who died March 5th 1859 aged 79 years. Also of Ann his wife who died January 20th 1859 aged 61 years. Also of Robert Son of Robert and Elizabeth Nelson and grandson of the above who died at Bongate, Appleby, August 18th 1861 aged 11 weeks. Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of God. - St. Mark x., xiv.