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Found 17 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (S. Chancel Aisle). Here lies ye body of Mrs. Margt Mounsey, wife of Mr. Thomas Mounsey; & daughter of Mr. George Braidley late of Nether Hoff who died ye 7th of June 1735 aged 58. Mr. Thomas Mounsey died September 16th 1743 aged 61.

Askham (S) In memory of John Branthwaite of Helton who died May 17th 1798 aged 44. Vain world adien, I've seen enough of thee, And careless am what thou can say of me, What Faults you've seen in me take care to shun And look at Home, enoug.h there's to be done. Also Ann Branthwaite widow of the above who died November 17th 1823 aged 63 years. Nanney their daughter died May 12th 1822 aged 27 years. And Isabella their daughter who died June 30th 1824 aged 32 years. Mary Mounsey died Oct. 22nd 1857 aged 70.

Askham (N). In memory of John Mounsey of this parish who died on the 29th of September 1857 aged 66 years. Also of John his son who died 4th of July 1862 aged 47 years. Also of Hannah widow of the first named John Mounsey who died on the 26th of April 1875 aged 86 years.

Askham (S. Brass Olt stone). Here lieth the Body of John Mounsey of Helton who d. ye 14th of November 1770 Aged 80 years. Likewise the Body of Frances his wife who died ye 23rd of September 1771 Aged 90 years.

Askham (E). In Memory of John Mounsey of Setrapark who died July 16th 1854 aged 91 years. Also of Ann his wife who died July 28th 1830 aged 70 years. Also of Robert their son who died October 19th 1821 aged 27 years.

Askham (S). In Memory of Thomas Mounsey of Askham, who died April 1st 1834 aged 32 y: Also Jane, his wife, who died August 16th 1851, aged 43 years. John their son who d. November . 16th 1832 aged 6 m. Also Hannah, Daughter of the above who died Novr. 12th 1865, Aged 35 years. Also of Jane Furness their Daughter who died Jany. 26th 1869, Aged 40 years. , also Alexandrea (sic) son of James & Jane Furness, who died January 14th, 1878 aged 16 years.

Askham (N) In memory of Thomas Mounsey of Askham, who died February . 21st 1866 aged 49 years.

Bampton (In Porch S). Sacred memory of eight endeared Relations whose. mortal Remains rest near this Hallowed Tablet; Reverend John Bowstead B.D. and H.M.N.A.S., Fifty-six y. Master of Bampton Grammar School, Forty years. Min. of Mardale Chapel, Ten years. Rector of Musgrave, all in Westmorland, And finally a Prebendary of Lichfield Conferred upon him by his favourite Nephew and grateful pupil The Right Reverend . James Bowstead died D. Lord Bishop of Lichfield. He was the eldest son of Thomas and Grace Bowstead, Yeoman. B. at Great Salkeld near Penrith Cumb. December . 24th 1754 and died at Great Musgrave November . lst 1841. Peggy his beloved wife, who was the youngest Daughter of Christopher and Elizabeth Mounsey of Eastward, Yeo- man, (and Cousin to George Mounsey Esqre. Memory of A. Formerly Fellow of Jesus College Cambridge and one of Dean Milner's close competitors), was born at Eastward aforesaid June 24th 1755 and died July 8th 1831. Elizabeth Bowstead, Spinster, their eldest Daughter, was born May 13th 1780 and died November . 30th 1841. Christopher Bowstead Esqre. of Messand Beck Hall, Haweswater, was born April 26th 1783 and died in May 1843. Hannah his pious Wife, who was the eldest Daughter of George and Mary Robinson of Scotch Street Carlisle, and mother of an only Son (the Reverend . John Bowstead M.A. Vicar of Messingham and Prebendary of Lincoln) died in 1847 aged 66. Mary Bowstead, Spinster, their fourth Daughter was born March 22nd 1789, and died June 18th 1844. Ann wife of Thomas Mounsey of Roughill, Yeoman, their third daughter, was born in November . 1784 and died in October 1845. Margaret their seventh and Youngest Daughter, (and Widowed Mother of Robert Docker, Scholar of Queen's College Oxford), was born April l0th 1798 and died in October 1849. Three other of their children were buried elsewhere; And three survive to lament their family loss. Pace quiescant; Gloria resurgant. This Tablet was erected by a dutiful Son and affectionate Brother The Reverend . Thomas Stanley Bowstead M.A. Vicar of Tarvin and Prebendary of Lichfield A.D. March 18th 1851.

Bampton (Brass on stone S. Wall). In Memory of Christopher Son of Chr. & Elizabeth Mounsey of Eastward who died January 24 Æ. 17, 1761.

Bampton (S). In Memory of Noble Mounsey who died May 23rd 1844 aged 48 years. Also of Ann his wife who died March 8th 1875 aged 76 years. Also of Thomas their son who died November . Ist 1842 aged 21 years. Also of Mary wife of Henry Serjeant who died June 30th 1873 aged 47 years. Also of William Mounsey who died June 17th 1878 aged 40 years.

Barton (S). Here is deposited Eleanor the wife of George Mounsey of Sockbridge Hall who died November ye 16th 1781 aged 66. Here also is deposited the abovesaid George Mounsey who died October 17th 1790 aged 80.

Barton (S. W). In loving memory Joseph Mounsey (late of Manchester) who died at Stainton near Penrith May 27th 1887 aged 74 years. Erected by his Brother James.

Long Marton (S. W). Sacred memory of Jane, the Beloved wife of Thomas Mounsey of Clickhim Inn, who died June the 22, 1856 aged 52 years. also of Mary Stout her mother who died June the 26 1853 aged 92 years.

Long Marton (S). In memory of his father William Mounsey who died in the 66 th years. of his age 1743, and of his mother Jane who died in her 69 years. this stone was layed by their son Matthew A.D. 1747. Here lies the body of their son Matthew Mounsey who died September the 8th 1741 in the 45th years. of his age.

Ravenstonedale (1n. E. wall of chancel, N. of altar. Brass). Near this place are deposited the mortal remains of the Reverend . Robert Mounsey, CI. (51 years. Minister of this Parish) who departed this life 29th March 1780 in the 84th years. of his Age. And of Mary his widow who died 23rd March 1786 in the 85th years. of her Age. Also of Mary their daughter who Ob. in the Year 1755 Æt. 32. And of Robert their Son who died in his Infancy.

Shap (S). Sacred memory of Mr. John Mounsey of London who departed this life 28th July 1835 aged 19 years. also Mrs. Margaret Robinson, grandmother of the above who died 9th November . 1834 aged 76 years. Also of John Robinson grandfather of the abovenamed Mr. John Mounsey who departed this life on the 6th day of May 1844 aged 90 years. J. Mounsey's grave, J. Memory of 1835, Memory of R. 1834.

Shap (S. brass). To m.. Robert Mounsey of Shap who departed life the 6th day of December . 1828 aged 82 years. also Ann his wife who departed life the 6th day of March 1804 aged 57 years. , also Robert their son who departed this life the 18th day of March 1811 aged 28 years.