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Found 7 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Michael (S.W. Brass on stone.) May silent dust dictate a happy crown. In Memory of Mary Atkinson of Mill Hill in the Parish of Warcop, eldest Daughter of William & Isabel Ion of Crackinthorp, (sic) who departed this life on the 27th of July 1844 aged 63 years. Here lies beneath, from busy scenes of Life, A tender Mother, and a loving Wife, A quiet Neighbour, to the Poor a Friend, Happy is she who such a Life doth end.

Appleby St Michael (In. S. chancel). To Memory of Launcelot Ion of Crackenthorpe, Yeoman, who died June the 8th 1774 Aged 81, and of Bridget his Wife who died October the 31st 1770 Aged 80. Also to M, Launcelot Ion Their Son who died March the 8th 1769 Aged 42, and of Ann his Wife who died in the years. 1776 Aged 35. Launcelot Ion, Clerk, A.M. Dedicated this Memorial as a small Testimony of Filial Affection for the Care and Tenderness of his Parents.

Appleby St Michael (S. W). To Memory of William Ion of Crackenthrop who departed life September . 7th 1826 aged 72 years. , also his wife Isabella died December . 14th 1817 Aged 60. Also Isabella Ion their Daughter, died Janr. 13th 1826 Aged 32. Also of William Ion their Son who departed this life March the 1st 1811 Aged 55 years. (Other side). In Memory of Jane, Daughter of William and Isabella Ion of Crackenthorpe. She died at Knock, September 26, 1856 aged 73 years. Also of Mary Ion, Formerly of Brick House, Crackenthorpe, and late of Colby Who died on the 17th of March 1876 aged 71 years. "Watch ye therefore."

Asby (S.E). Sacred memory of John Ion of Gris-Burn, who died July 17….(? 89) Also Elizabeth his wife who departed this life June 10, 1790, aged 84. (much worn away).

Barton {N. W). In loving remembrance Jane Ion, daughter of Thomas and Jane Ion of Pooley in this parish, B. February 14th 1842, died April 4th 1869. " Looking unto J esus."

Dufton (S). To the memory of Joseph Dickinson Senr who died March 20th 1822 aged 80 years. , also Mary his daughter and wife of John Ion died May 16th 1816 aged 43 years. , also John Ion her husband who died April 13th 1840 aged 69 years.

Dufton (E). In memory of John Ion of Knock who died May 27th, 1844 aged 42 years. , Emma his wife who died May 7, 1843 aged 41 y, and of John their son who died February 7, 1884 aged 20 years. , and of Joseph their son who died November 22, 1846 aged 20 years. , and of Thomas their son who died June 8th 1875 aged 43 years.