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Found 15 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Michael (N.W). In memory of Elizabeth, wife of .the Reverend Thomas Bellas, Memory of A., Vicar of this Parish born April xith 1801 died May 13th 1871 & of their children, Jane born February 28th 1827,d. May 25th 1829. Richard, born January 19th 1831 died April 7th 1831. Lancelot, born May 19th 1832 died December . 3rd 1833, also of the above named Thomas Bellas, Memory of A., born January 26th 1790, died March 15th 1880, 57 years. Vicar of this parish.

Brough (In. Tower, Brass). In memory of George Hellas, Son of Richard Bellas, Late of Brampton in this County, Gentleman, And Elizabeth his wife, And Nephew of the Reverend . Lancelot Bellas, Vicar of this Parish, died December 23, 1813 Aged 13.

Brough (In. E). In Memory of the Reverend Lancelot Bellas A.M. Vicar of this Parish who died the 21st November 1816 aged 79 years. He was a magistrate for this County And formerly a fellow of Queen's College Oxford.

Kirkby Thore (S.E). Sacred memory of Joseph Bellas who departed this life April 5, 1847 aged 57 years. also Nicholas his son who died at Sleastonehow January 19th 182.3 aged 2 years. also of John his son who died July 25th 1851 aged 37 years. also of Elizabeth his daughter who died March 13th 1853 aged 24 years. also of Mary his wife who died March 2nd 1864 aged 73 years. also of Mary their daughter who died June 9th 1866 aged 43 years.

Long Marton (S. wall). To the memory of Elizabeth Bellas eld'st Dauer. of Robt. & Cathrn Bellas of Knock who died Augst. the 28, 1791 aged 25. Nature's chief & friends' delight, In whom all virtues did unite Esteem'd in life, deplor'd in death, Was belov'd Elizabeth. O may she with the blest above, Enjoy her redeemer's love.

Long Marton (SE. wall). Here lies the Body of John and Elizth. Bellas of Brampton who dyed in the years. of Our Lord God 1760. He aged 98. she 76. (He, bapt. 28 June 1660, buried 3 January 1760; She, buried 4 July 1759, Parish Register

Long Marton (S.E. wall, two brasses on stone). Near this Place lies the Body of John Bellas of Long Marton who died March 18th 1781 aged 74 years. Margaret his wife died Sepbr. 24,1775 aged 66 years. Ann the wife of John Bellas their son died Janry. 14th 1781 aged 34 years. Barbara, daughter of John & Ann Bellas died Decbr. 24th. 1778 aged 5 m. Mary their daughter died March 8th 1781 aged 9 m. The said John Bellas d. Decbr. 26th 1789 aged 47. Barbara Atkinson, own Mother to the aforesaid Ann Bellas, Octbr. 30th 1786 aged 72. " Life how short, Eternity how long." To the memory of John Bellas of Long Marton who died January 4th 1848 aged 76 years. Also of Betty his wife, who died March 26th 1849 aged 82 years. Also of Margaret daughter of John and Esther Bellas of Longmarton who died January 13th 1833 in the 6th years. of her age, also in m. John, son of John and Betty Bellas, of Longmarton who d. March 13, 1867 aged 74 years. Esther his wife, who died July 14. 1875 aged 86 y.

Long Marton (S.) Here lies the Body of Mary the wife of Richd. Bellas of Brampton who d. Oct. 1, 1770 aged 83, also Richd. son of the Reverend Thomas Bellas, who died July 24th 1779 aged 9. also Richd. Bellas who died October 18th 1781 aged 76, also John Bellas who died May 20th 1783 aged 49. (Other side.) Also Hannah, wife of Richd. Bellas Junr. who died November 11, 1784 aged 44.

Long Marton (In. N). Sacred memory of Richard Bellas of Brampton who died December 23, 1807 aged 76 years. and of his wife Elizabeth who died June 4, 1810 aged 45 years. S. also to the memory of their sons Richard who died June12, 1810 aged 22 years. George who died December 23, 1813 aged 13, and.was interred at Brough in this county, William who died November 23, 1820 aged 22, and was interred at WalthamAbbey in the County of Essex. John who d. July 11, 1823 aged 28, and was also interred at Waltham Abbey.

Long Marton (S). To the memory of Richard Bellas of Knock who died Oct. 10th 1830 aged 58, also Bridget his wife who died May the 29th 1823 aged 55. Also of William, son of William Pallister, and of Eleanor his wife, and grandson to the above who died May 20th 1837 aged 13 m.

Long Marton (S.) To the memory of Robert Bellas the Elder of Knock who died Janry. 6th 1792 aged 15. And also Eleanor his wife who died in her 87 years. Near sixty years Man & Wife Lived a moral, virtuous life, Now in peace laid down to rest In hope to rise among the blest.

Long Marton (S). In memory of Stephen Bellas who during a period of forty years. exercised the arduous and useful profession of a schoolmaster in the respective parishes of Long Marton, Bolton, and Kirkbythore, this stone was erected by several of his pupils as a testimony of their gratitude for the benefits derived from his instruction. He died March the 11th 1816 aged 59 years. (Otherside). Here lies interred Barbara, the wife of Stephen Bellas who died Jany. 29th 1817 aged 62 years.

Long Marton (N.E). In memory of Stephen Bellas of Long Marton who died May 4th 1874 aged 65 years. (Space.) Also Margaret Irving their grand-da. who died April 30th 1875 aged 17 y.

Long Marton In memory of Thomas Bellas of Long Marton who died 23 May 1856 aged 58 years. also Mary his wife who died December . 17, 1876 aged 80 years. Thomas their son who died at Liverpool Apr. 24, 1863 aged 36 years.

Long Marton (S.E. wall). In memory of Thomas, son of John and Esther Bellas of Longmarton who died in Australia September 8, 1864 aged 35 years. Also John their son who died at Longmarton May 21, 1869 aged 49 years.