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Found 40 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (N.E). Erected in m. John Nicholson of Appleby who died March 23 1867 aged 43 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (E). John Nicholson of the Crown & Mitre Inn who departed this life on the 26th May 1854 aged 57 years. also Julia his wife who died 20th February 1858 aged 64 years. also Wi1liam their son who died 7th June 1858 aged 22 years. also James their son who died 25th June 1859 aged 32 years. also Mary their daughter who died 15th June 1860 aged 26 years. also of Anne their daughter who died 19 October 1871 aged 52 years. also Julia their daughter who died 2nd August 1872 aged 43 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (E). In memory of John Nicholson, the son of John and Hannah Nicholson of the Brewery, Appleby who died March 28th 1865 aged 20 years. also Thomas their son who died February 6th 1870 aged 21 years. also Anne their daughter who died August 20th 1870 aged 23 years. also the above named Hannah Nicholson who died Oct. 31st 1870 aged 50 years.

Bampton (S). Sacred memory of Mary Nicholson of Beck Foot, Daughter of Henry and Eleanor Nicholson of Low Knipe in this Parish who died October 3rd 1801 Aged 63 years.

Barton (S. altar tomb). To the memory of John Nicholson of Yanwath who died January the 15, 1775 aged 74 years. Also three of his Grand children. Francis who died September . 1777 Aged 1 years. And John and Anthony both Infants. Also of Elizabeth his wife who d. December 2.8, 1779 Aged 66 years.

Barton (S). Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of John Nicholson of Yanwath who died November . 25th 1825 aged 87. Also of Mary Nicholson who departed this life on the 19th Day of June 1834 aged 86 years. Also in m. George Percival, nephew of the above, late of Bath, who died l, at Yanwath gate on the 3rd Day of April 1845 aged 84 years. and of George Perciva1 great grandson of the above who died in infancy October 8th 1850

Barton (In. W). To the memory of Robert Nicholson of Thorpe who died the l0th June 1785 aged 82 years. Also of Mary his wife who died the l0th April 1777 aged 71 years. Also to the memory of John Nicholson of Thorpe their son who died the 3rd May 1815 aged 82 years. and of Ann his wife who died the 9th October 1816 aged 69 years. The surviving children of the above John & Ann Nicholson, Ten of whom they lived to see grow up to maturity, erect this monument to their memory.

Barton (S). Here lies the body of Joseph son of Thomas Nicholson of Parkbrow who died May 2, 1773 in the 45th years. of his age.

Barton (S). Sacred memory of Thomas Nicholson of Poke Mills in this parish who died on the 25th of November 1818 aged 68 years. also of Ann Nicholson his wife who died on the 1lth of July 1828 aged 76 years. Also of John Nicholson their son who departed this life on the 19th of September . 1834 aged 39 years.

Barton (S., altar tomb). Here lieth the Bodyof Nichol . . . Between Swarthbeck bridge and Sockbridge Hall, to the Grammar School to Buy Books for the poor Scholars. E. R. . . . P. . . . . H . . . . B. . . R. . . . .N. . . . . . E. X. (Very indistinct).* * J. H. C., E. B. & Mr. Hodson the Vicar spent much time in trying to decipher this inscription. The latter writes 26 December 1887. " It must relate to a charity left by one Nicholson to be given to the poor between Swarthbeck bridge and Sockbridge Hall. The Charity consists of £1 paid annually by the owner of BartonHall (J. E. Hasell Esq.) at Easter."

Beetham (E). In A. R. Thomas Nicholson of Storth, who died November 17th 1877 aged 77 years.

Brough (S). In Memory of Abraham Nicholson of Swinstonewath who died April 19, 1855 aged 89 years.

Brough (S). In. Memory of George Nicholson who died May the 11th 1865 aged 52 years. Also Sarah his wife who died May 31st 1849 aged 28 years.

Brough (S). In Memory of John Nicholson, Hazel Bank, Stainmore, who died April 19th 1867 Aged 32 years. Also of Hannah his wife who died at Brough July 23rd, 1879 Aged 43 years.

Brough (S). Here lies the Body of . . . Robert Nicholson of Light . . . . who departed this life . . . Oct. . . .

Burton In Kendal (E. altar tomb). In Memory of Isabella Nicholson, Wife ot Christopher Nicholson of this Town, who died November . 25 1798 aged 33. Margaret his second Wife May 21. 1807–33, Thomas his Son July 20, 1825–22. John Walker his youngest Son May 22, 1826–22. Say wouldst thou die in peace, then seek that blood Which reconciles a sinner to his God, This was the scheme of heaven, the mighty plan, By which God's justice pardons sinful Man. Alice Nicholson, died April 19th 1830 Aged 28 years. Thomas and Agnes, Eleanor and Eliza died infants.

Burton In Kendal (W). In A. remembrance of James Nicholson Who died February 2nd 1874 Aged 85 years. Also Agnes Penny Nicholson, His Beloved Wife, who do April 16th 1839 Aged 46 years. And Mary Their daughter Who died April 28th 1835 Aged 15 years.

Crosby Garrett (E). In memory of . William Nicholson of Crosby Garrett, born 3rd March 1807, died 26th June 1881. Also Sarah his wife, born 17th September 1809, died 30th June 1879. Also Thomas their Son, born 19th July 1842,:d. 26th June 1873.

Crosby Ravensworth (N. cross). + Here lieth Elizabeth wife of Robert Nicholson of Gilse who departed life February 3, 1864, in her 75th years.

Crosby Ravensworth (S.E). In Memory of Mary, wife of George Nicholson Junr. Who died June 5, 1872, aged 41. & two of their children who died in infancy also of Ann, mother of the above George Nicholson who died Oct. 21, 1855 aged 50.

Crosby Ravensworth (N). + Here lieth Robert Nicholson of Gilse who departed this life April 1, 1867 in his 89th years.

Heversham (N). In memory of James Nicholson who died at the Hendre, Monmouth, May 9th, 1867 Aged 39 years. " Thy will be done." Also Elizabeth German Nicholson his daughter who d. at Tondue January 5th, 1863 Aged 1 years. & 9 m. Also of Elizabeth Nicholson his Wife, who died November . 8th, 1883 Aged 89 years.

Kendal (Bellingham chapel). Memorial.- This is to certify that the Brass Plates to the East of this Inscription were collected from the Floor and Pew doors of this church, during its Restoration in 1851 and 1852, and were carefully preserved and are precisely the same as they were found at the time. In testimony whereof we have caused this Brass plate to be engraved. Joseph Watkins Barnes, vicar of Kendal. William Chaplin, curate; churchwardens, John Mann, churchhusband, Edward Branthwaite, Isaac Edmondson, Joseph Barrow, Robert B. Hunter, Rainforth Hodgson, Samuel Compston, Thomas Busher, Henry Cragg, Thomas Brockelbank, Anthony Nicholson, Joseph Morton, Christopher Birkett, John Washington, Parish clerk.

Kendal (In. clerestory windows). The gift of Cornelius Nicholson, Author of the Annals of Kendal 1851. Alms, ar.2 bars gu. on canton of last lion rampant. (On scroll). Arms of the Town. (Mr. Rushforth).

Kendal (W. altar tomb). To the memory of Edward Nicholson who departed this life June 11th 1813 Aged 72, Also Elizabeth his Wife June 1st 1821 Aged 86. Also Mary Nicholson, their da. who died September . 17th 1849 Aged 82, Also John Nicholson their Son, who died January 25th, 1852 Aged 79, Also Alice, their daughter in law, who died September . 21st 1852 Aged 83.

Kendal (N). Sacred memory of John Nicholson late of Collincroft, Kendal, brewer, who died June 19th 1846, aged 61 years. , also of Ann his Wife, who died August 17th 1821, aged 36 years. , also of John their son, who died January 13th 1821 in infancy, and of George their son, who died August 13th 1842, aged 25 years.

Kendal (N. 2 altar tombs, rail). [1] Here lie the Remains of Robert Nicholson la te of the Market-place in Kendal; Grocer, who died September the 17th 1741 aged 75 years. Here also lie the Remains of Thomas Elleray late of the Market-place, Grocer and Tallow chandler, who died December the 5th 1782 aged 80 years. Isabella EIleray placed this Monument as a Testimony of her respect to the Memory of an Uncle and a Brother. [2] Isabella Elleray a maiden lady died l. October 29th. 1788, after surviving the rest of her family and the in- timates of her earlier years; she died not unlamented. Her munificence endeared her to the poor who mourn the loss of their common friend. Her bounty was not confined to the present age alone, but provided for posterity by augmenting the funds of the public charities in this town by liberal donations to the Hospital, Sunday School's and Dispensary. She died in the 79th years. of her age.

Kendal (W. flat tomb). In memory of Robert Nicholson of this town, hosier, Who died January 29th 1821 aged 76. Frances his wife died October 24th 1832 aged 82. John his son d. May 26th 1810 aged 36.. Hannah, sister of Robert Nicholson, died February 28th 1837 aged 77 and William his son Who died September . 19th 1842 aged 55, also of Agnes Parkinson, daughter of the above-named Robert and Frances Nicholson who died on the 20th day of July 1849 aged 66y., by Whom this stone was erected.

Kendal ( W. altar tomb, rail). [ Skull and cross-bones ]. Sacred memory of the Reverend . William Nicholson, curate of Old Hutton in this County, Who died the 17th day of April 1713 Aged 44. And of Sarah his Wife who died the 23d day of June 1781 Aged 71. And of their several Children, namely, Susanna who died the 12th day of April 1806 Aged 75, Eleanor 19th July, 1814, 81, Elizabeth 18th. July 1741 Aged 7. Edward 2nd January 1803, 67, Sarah l0th March 1814, 76, William 31st March 1772, 33, Mary 22nd March 1823, 83, Anna 22nd March 1769, 26, Also Sacred memory of Mr. Edward Gathorne of Old Hutton, Gentleman, and of Eleanor his Wife, the Father & Mother of the above named Sarah the Wife of the said Revd. William Nicholson. May they rest in Peace.

Kirkby Thore (S). This humble monument of perishable stone, placed here by a sorrowful mother, is only meant to record for a season the death of Elizabeth Nicholson, daughter of the Reverend Jonathan Nicholson, late rector of Cadeby in the County of Leicester, and Elizabeth his wife, she died respected and lamented on the 30th of April 1828 in the 33rd years. of her age. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." Elizabeth Nicholson, wife of the above-named Jonathan Nicholson who died at Kirkby Thore August 11th 1844, was 82 years. of age.

Kirkby Thore (S.E). In memory of James Nicholson of Blencairn Hall, born December 8th 1773, died May 9 1827, Margaret his wife born June 10, 1779 died September 16, 1858, John their son born December 4th 1807 died NoV. 11th 1821, Thomas their son born December 9th 1810, died March 26th 1820, Richard their son, born November 12th 1812, died April 20th 1858.

Kirkby Thore (S.E). "By Thy glorious Resurrection and Ascension." In memory of James Nicholson of Blencairn Hall who died on the 10th of October 1865 aged 51 years.

Kirkby Thore (S.E). In memory of Thomas Nicholson who died at Croft House, Kirkby Thore, September 26th 1867 aged 47 years. This stone was erected by his affectionate brother

Kirkby Thore (Altar tomb, S.E). Underneath this stone are deposited the Remainsof John Nicholson of Kirkby Thore Bridge-end, who departed this life the 19th day of May 1805 aged 73 years. Also of Ann his wife who died on the 5th day of October 1835 aged 87 years. also of Ann their daughter who died on the 12th day of November . 1855 aged 80 years. also of Thomas Nicholson second son of the above John Nicholson who died 25th day of October 1847 aged 69 years. also of Ann wife of the above Thomas Nicholson Who died on the 6th of July 1844 aged 54 years. Also of Eleaner their daughter who died on the 14th of December . 1830, aged 6 years.

Lowther In memory of William Nicholson of Lowther who died 15th of June 1829 aged 45 years. Also of James Nicholson his Brother, who died 7th of July 1833 aged 40 years. leaving no issue. Also of Elizabeth the wife of William . Nicholson, who died Augst. 22nd 1847 aged 59.

Orton (N). Sacred memory of John Nicholson of Green (sic) who died September 3rd 1863 aged 76 years. And Elizabeth Nicholson his widow who died August 13th 1870 aged 81 years.

Orton (N). In memory of Joseph Nicholson, of Low Borrow Bridge who died 17th May 1878 aged 27 years. Now taken from a world of woe with Angels to rejoice. Also Thomas Nicholson, Father of the above who died 2nd Augst. 1880 aged 63 years.

Orton (E). In memory of Thomas Thompson Nicholson, Yeoman, of Lowfell Garth, Grayrigg, who died 9th April 1862 aged 60 years. and was interred here. Also of Elizabeth his beloved wife who died at Kendal 9th of April 1887 aged 79 years. Yet a little while and the world seeth me no more but ye see me because I live, ye shall live also. - S. John, xiv. 19 v. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. - Reverend xiv., 13 v. And if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you unto myself, that where I am there ye may be also. -St. John, xiv., 3 vr.

Shap (N.) Sacred memory of Sarah the beloved wife of George Nicholson of Shap who departed life on the 17th day of October 1865 aged 65 years. also of Mary Boak, mother of the above who died on the 18th day of August 1838 aged 68 years. also the above George Nicholson who died December 30 the 1873 aged 77 years.

Windermere (S). In memory of Edward Nicholson Warriner who died April 11th 1810 Aged 15 years. How loved, how valued once, avails thee not, To whom related or by whom begot, A heap of dust alone remains of thee, 'Tis all thou art, and all the proud shall be. Neither height, nor depth, nor even Time Can wear a blot out of the mind.