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Found 10 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Michael ( ). In memory of Joseph Cragg, of Hilton, who died 11 December 1814 Aged 65, and Hannah his Wife who died l0th September . 1835 Aged 75.

Appleby St Michael ( ). Richard, son of Joseph Cragg, of Murton, died March 7, 1786, Aged 23. In prime of life I'm called away To meet the God of might Adieu Vain World, I cannot stay, I love to see his Sight.

Heversham (E. altar tomb coming to pieces). E. B. informed that it was Cragg.

Heversham (E.) In loving memory Agnes, Wife of Thomas Cragg of Woodhouse, died June 14th 1879 Aged 74 years. Also of the above Thomas Cragg, died February 23rd 1886 Aged 79.

Heversham (In. S. W. aisle W). Sacred memory of William Cragg who died 9th of March A. died 1820, aged 31.

Kendal (Bellingham chapel). Memorial.- This is to certify that the Brass Plates to the East of this Inscription were collected from the Floor and Pew doors of this church, during its Restoration in 1851 and 1852, and were carefully preserved and are precisely the same as they were found at the time. In testimony whereof we have caused this Brass plate to be engraved. Joseph Watkins Barnes, vicar of Kendal. William Chaplin, curate; churchwardens, John Mann, churchhusband, Edward Branthwaite, Isaac Edmondson, Joseph Barrow, Robert B. Hunter, Rainforth Hodgson, Samuel Compston, Thomas Busher, Henry Cragg, Thomas Brockelbank, Anthony Nicholson, Joseph Morton, Christopher Birkett, John Washington, Parish clerk.

Kirkby Lonsdale (In. Window E). Cragg and Middleton. Arms, i gu. fess between 3 mullets in chief, and 3 cross crosslets in base ar. On inescutcheon 41y. 1 & 4. ar. saltire engrailed sa. (Middleton), 2 & 3, 41y per fess indented or & gu. on bend az. cinquefoil between 2 martlets of lst (Bindloss). ii. Hebblethwaite & Middleton ar. 2 pallets az.; on canton or, mullet sa. On inescutcheon Middleton & Bindloss 41y. iii. Moore and Cragg. Arms, or, on chevron erminois between 3 wreathed negro's heads couped ppr., pheon of the field. On inescutcheon 41y. 1 & 4. Cragg, 2 Middleton, 3 Bindloss. iv. Fawcett and Hebblethwaite. Arms, ar. on bend az. 3 dolphins embowed or. On inescutcheon 41y. 1 & 4 Hebblethwaite,2 Middleton, 3 Bindloss. v. 41y. of 6, 1 & 6, Moore; 2, Cragg; 3, Middleton; 4, Bindloss, 5 ?–––On inescutcheon 41y. 1, Fawcett; 2, Hebblethwaite; 3, Middleton; 4, Bindloss; vi. Fawcett. Arms, 41y. 1, Fawcett; 2, Hebblethwaite; 3, Middleton; 4, Bindloss.

Kirkby Lonsdale (E). In memory of Edward Cragg who died at Bowness on the 11th of March 1872 aged 35 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (E altar tombs, rail). 1. In memory of John Cragg ofCasterton who died 29th December I820 aged 75 years. Also of Ann his Widow who died 2nd January 1825 aged 70 years. Also of Elizabeth their daughter who died 25th August I827 aged 39 years. (2) In memory of John Cragg of Casterton who died 12th July 1836 aged 51 years. (3) In memory of Ann Cragg of Kirkby Lonsdale, daughter of the above John and Ann Cragg who died on the 11th May 1856 aged 67 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (N .E). In memory of Lettice Cragg, wife of William Cragg, who died on the 24th February 1864 in the 35th years. of her age. Christ is the only true physician. Also of the above William Cragg who died August 7th 1872 aged 51 years. rifle instructor, 1st W.R.V. and formerly sergeant Major of H.M. 2nd Bt. 60th Rifles.