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Found 2 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Michael (N). I. h. s. In memoriam of the beloved children of Lawrence & Agnes England, late of Bongate. John who died June 22nd 1879 aged 17 years. , Mary who d. June 2nd. 1878 aged 13 years. , Charles who died December 22nd 1874 aged 7 m., Henry who died February 25th 1870 aged 8 w., also Annis, Fredrick & Martha who died in infancy.

Appleby St Michael (N.E). In A. R. Robert Ferguson, aged 24 years. , who was killed by falling over a cliff on Brackenber Moor on the night of July 12th 1880. Also his son Thomas Ferguson, died November 10th 1879, aged 5m. Ah! Death again thou hast been here, And with thy ruthless dart, Thou hast laid low my husband dear, And pierced a noble heart.- In prime of life, in manhood's bloom, When all seemed bright and fair; Thou hast consigned him to the tomb And bid him slumber there.