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Found 5 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (S.) Here lieth the body of Margaret, the wife of Richard Gregson Who died Augt. The . . .

Appleby St Michael (S.E). Obiit John the Son of Nicholas and Mary Gregson, of Bongate, ( . . 8th of . . 1769 Aged . . 1761 Aged 7 . .? ) John, buried 7 dec. 1795 aged about 70 C.B.N.

Appleby St Michael (S.E. Altar tomb). In memory of John Gregson of Appleby, Gent., and one of the Common Council there. and late of Kirber in this Parish, who died Oct. 3rd 1783 aged 83. Also of John, son of J. Gregson and Margaret his wife, who died August 2nd 1742 aged 22 w. Also of Christopher Gregson of Kirber, his father, who died the 17th of January 1755 aged 80. Also of Elizabeth his mother, who, died the 6th of Oct. 1765 aged 90 years.

Warcop (S). In memory of Mary the beloved wife of John Gregson of Warcop who died April 23, 1863 aged 71 years. Also of the abovenamed John Gregson who died January 23rd 1874 aged 86 years. , and of John their Son who died March 12th 1873 aged 57 years. Also of Alice the beloved wife of William Collinson and daughter to the above who died September 20th 1880 aged 49 years.

Warcop (S.) In memory of Nicholas Gregson who died March 17th 1812 aged 56* years. Also of Mary his wife who died January 31st 1824 aged 68 years. Also Hannah their daughter died May 18th 1789 aged 5 years. Alice their daughter died Oct. 20th. 1854 aged 65 y, Also Frances their daughter died November . 11th 1855 aged 76 years. Also Margaret their daughter died May 31st 1863 aged 69 years. * The Register calls him 58, and his wife 66. C.B.N.