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Found 23 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (E). In memory of Mary the wife of John Pearson of Appleby and Close House, she died December . 20, 1774 aged 50 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (N.E). In m James Hamilton Ramsay who died January 17, 1872 aged 66 years. , also Louisa King Pearson who fell asleep September 29, 1873 aged 3 m.

Appleby St Michael (N. W). "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." Life how short. Eternity how long. Sacred memory of John Pearson, of Coupland Beck, Woollen Manufacturer, who died August I9th, 1852, aged 60 years. Also of Dinah his Wife who died August 5th, 1854, aged 59 years. Also of John, son of John and Margaret Pearson, Junior; who died December 24th, 1849, aged 2 years. And of Joseph Thompson Pearson their son who died June 27th, 1852, aged 2 years. & 9 m. Also of Margt. Thompson Pearson their daughter who died October 13th, 1858, Aged 3 years. , also of Agnes Ann Pearson, who died August 24th, 1863, aged 17 years.

Appleby St Michael (S). Here Iyes entombed the Body of Richard Pearson of Lanton, who died 26th of August 17(30, par. reg.) in the 53 years. of (his Age). And by Him (the above) named . . . ancy . . . (Eliz)abeth . . mber Aged 68. (He m. 5 September 1704, Agnes Harrison, who was buried 15 December 1741. C.B.N

Bampton (4 Brasses on stone S. Wall). Here lies (sic) the remains of John Pearson who died the 9th of September 1786 Aged 68 years. Beloved saint it now avails thee not, By whom remembered or by whom forgot ; Though thou art dust, thy memory dear shall be To thy friends that's left at last to rest with thee. 2. Sacred memory of The Reverend Thomas Pearson, upwards of 31 years. Vicar of this Parish who died December l0th, A.D. 1833 Aged 75 years. 3. Sacred memory of Frances, Relict of the Reverend Thomas Pearson. She died October 4th, 1835 Aged 86 years. 4. Here Lyeth the Body of Michael Noble son of Michael and Agnes Noble of High Rough Hill, who departed this life the 21st Day of July Ano Dom 1731 in the 4th years. of his Age. Also Michael, Father to the above, who departed this life December . ye 15th 1768 aged 83

Beetham (S) In Memory of Jane Ady Greenwood who died at Hale on the 16th of October 1817 Aged 2 years. and 6 Memory of , Daughter of John and Jane Greenwood of Manchester. Here lies virtue in the dust Till the resurrection of the Just. In Memory of Thomas Pearson, of Storth., who died October 29th 1844 Aged 70 years. Also of Ann Pearson his Widow who died December 21st 1845 Aged 65 years. Grandfather and Grandmother of the above Jane Ady Greenwood.

Burton In Kendal (W). This monument was erected by the Friends and Pupils of Mr. Michael Noble Pearson, Master of the Grammar and commercial School of this Town, who d. the 26th dayof May 1838 Aged 54 years. in token of esteem for his Talent, unwearied attention as a teacher; and for his moral and exemplary conduct as a Christian Memory of N. P. 1838.

Cliburn (N). Erected to the memory of Richard Edmondson who died November 13th 1844 aged 74 years. Also Elizabeth Edmondson his wife who died February 2nd 1846 aged 72 years. Also of Thomas Pearson their son who died May 9th 1859 aged 19 years. Elizabeth Pearson their daughter who died August 1lth 1840 aged 8 years. Also Mary wife of Matthew Pearson who died April 30th 1861 aged 26 years. Also of James their son aged 1 years.

Cliburn (S). To the memory of Ann daughter of John & Mary Pearson of Cliburn who died March 17th 1848 aged 26 years. Also three of their children who died in infancy.

Cliburn (S). In memory of Joseph Rayson of Leath House who died July 24th 1835 aged 42 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Thomas & Ann Pearson of Leath House, who d. in Manchester on a visit to her son September 2oth 1848 aged 54 years. Also of John Pearson Rayson their son who died in Infancy. Also of the Reverend Thomas Rayson who died January 14th 1857 aged 33 years.

Grasmere (N). To the memory of Rebecca Pearson who died at Rydal Hall, October 23rd 1853 aged 75. Erected by Lady Le Fleming In affectionate remembrance of her faithful and attached services during a period of 49 years. She trusted in her Saviour and her end was peace.

Kirkby Lonsdale (E. wall). Mrs. E. Pearson, Killington, Janry 8th 1795 aged 70 years. Also the remains of the Reverend . William Pearson who died December . 28th 1801 aged 79 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (S. altar tomb). Under this Stone are interred the remains of Henry Pearson, Merchant who departed life the 29th Day of January 1792 Aged 36 years. Likewise of Eleanor Pearson his Widow who departed this life the 9th Day of December 1829 aged 75 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (N. altar tomb, rail). Sacred memory of Warwick Pearson, died 8 February 1832 Aged 72, Late of Antigua and Kirkby Lonsdale. The memory of the just is blessed. Prov. x–7. Them that sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. 1st Thess. iv–14.

Kirkby Lonsdale (E. altar tomb, rail). To the memory of Elizabeth Winster, wife of Richard Winster of Settlebeck in the Parish of Sedbergh and daughter of the late Reverend William and Elizabeth Pearson of Killington who departed this life June 19th 1821 aged 57 years. Also in m. the above Richard Winster who died January 3rd 1841 aged 70 years.

Kirkby Stephen (In. S). To Richard Pearson Esquire third son of John & Mary Pearson of Kirkby Stephen, member of the Royal College of Surgeons, who after practising the arduous duties of his profession for upwards of 40 years. at Great Dunmow in Essex with attention, skill, generosity & kindness closed his earthly career in this his native place to which he had returned, in humble trust in his Saviour and in charity with all men, on the 25th day of April 1847 aged 78 years. Mary widow of the above Richard Pearson departed this life Augt. 5th A.D. 1853 in the 78th years. of her age.

Kirkby Stephen (In. S). In memory of the Reverend . John Tebay who died September . 30th 1841 aged 54. He was 34 years. master of the Free Grammar School of Kirkby Stephen, and 32 years. Curate of the Parish. Also of Ann his wife, daughter of John & Mary Pearson who died September . 20th 1828 aged 66.

Long Marton (S). Near this stone lays the Body of Ann, the wife of Thomas Pearson of this Parish who died in the years. 1743. Depart dear friends, dry up your tears, For I must lye till Christ appears, When Christ appears I hope to have A joyfull rising from my grave.

Long Marton (S). Here lies the Body of Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Pearson who died 24th May 1794 aged 85. Life's uncertain, Death is sure, Sin gave the wound, but Christ the cure.

Long Marton (N.W). " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." In memory of Joseph Pearson of Long Marton who died February 3rd 1874 aged 71 years.

Long Marton (S.E). In affectionate remembrance of Mary wife of Thomas Pearson of Harbour Flatt, who died 7th March 1882 aged 54 years.

Long Marton (S). Here lies the body of Thomas Pearson of Marton who died April 30, I777 aged 74 years. " Afflictions sore, they must be bore ; Physicians were in vain ; Till death did seize, and God did please To Ease me of my pain."

Long Marton (S.E). " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." In memory of Thomas Pearson of Longmarton who departed this life June 13th 1810 aged 66 years. also of Richard Pearson of the same place who died May 29, 1823 aged 74 years. also of Margaret his wife who died May 11, 1844 aged 82 years. also Mary, daughter of the above Richard & Margaret Pearson who died at Appleby Oct. 2, 1859 aged 69 years. also Catherine, da. of the late Richard Pearson of Harkenfield Hall, Ripon, who died at Appleby March 26, 1860 aged 17 years.