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Found 14 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (S. Aisle). In the adjoining churchyard are deposited the remains of John Hill of Castlebank in this parish Esqre who died in the years. 1829 aged 78 & of Margaret. his wife who died in the years. 1839 aged 79, also of their four children, Mary who was born in the years. 1794 & died in the years. 1797, William who was born in the years. 1796 & died in the years. 1812, & Hugh who died in early infancy in the years. 1800 & John Hill Junr. Esqre Memory of A. who died unmarried in the years. 1861 aged 64. In the years. 1855 he filled the office of High Sheriff for the county of Westmorland & both he and his father were magistrates & Deputy Lieutenants of the same county, & also aldermen of the Corporation of Appleby.

Appleby St Lawrence (Font). To the glory of God, and in m. John Hill, late of Castle Bank, Appeby, barrister-at-law, alderman of the ancient borough of Appleby, J.P. for the county of Westmorland, and formerly High Sheriff, the last male descendant of the family of Hill of Cracken- thorpe, this font is erected by Ann Newell Hill, the sole survivor of the family.

Appleby St Lawrence (S. W). Here lies ye body of Thomas sn of F . . . . . (?) and Bra (?) Hill of Coulby who died 7ber 29th 174 - Ad (for Aged ?) 10.

Appleby St Michael (E. Wall S. transept). Obiit Elizabeth, wife of Hugh Hill of Bongate, May 6th 1746, aged 78. Also Emma, wife of John Hill, Vicar of Bongate, July 12th 1752, aged 29. Also Hugh Hill of Bongate, May 20th, 1768, aged 95.

Appleby St Michael (In. E., S. chancel). In memoriam Hugh Hill of Bongate, died 1768 aged 95, Elizabeth his Wife died 1744 aged 75, Reverend John Hill, son of the above, vicar of Bongate for 50 years, died 1789 aged 81, Emma his wife, daughter of Richard Hill of Crackenthorpe, died 1752 aged 28, Reverend Hugh Hill, died D. their son, died 1824 aged 76, rector of Church Oakley, Hants., and vicar of Holyrhood, (sic) Southampton, where his remains are interred, this tablet was erected by Ann Newell Hill, only child of the above and sole survivor of the old Westmorland family of Hill, on the restoration of this church in 1886.

Appleby St Michael (S.E. Marble sunk in slab). Family vault of Reverend John Hill, Vicar of Bongate.

Appleby St Michael (S.E. slab). In memory of John Hill of Crackenthorp who died July 8th 1687 in the years. of his age 49. And also Elizabeth his wife who died April 24th 1704 in the years. of her age 66.

Appleby St Michael (In. S. transept). Obiit The Reverend John Hill A.M. 50 years Vicar of this Parish, on the 17th of June 1789 aged 82. (before 1886, E. wall S. tr).

Appleby St Michael (In. over porch doorway). In memory of Mr. John Hill gent. of the village of Crackingthorp in this Parish. He died June 16th 1807 a. . . and his remains are deposited near to this monument. (before 1886, E. wall S. tr).

Appleby St Michael (Centre of S. tower wall). In memory of Richard Hill of Crackenthorpe, and his descendants. Ann Newell Hill 1885.

Asby (In. S. W. behind reading desk, brass). This Church was rebuilt in the years. of our Lord 1866, by Ann Newell Hill, Patron of the living and Lady of the Manor.

Asby (W). Sacred memory of WilliamThwaites of Great Asby, Yeoman, for 47 years. the faithful Steward of John Hill, Esq., and Miss Ann Newell Hill of Castle Bank, Appleby, Who died 18th March 1885, Aged 87 years. Also of Richard Thwaites of Great Asby, Yeoman, for 57 years. in the same service with his brother William abovenamed, who died l6th April 1885, aged 73 years.

Dufton (E). Erected in m. John Hill who died January 12th 1829 aged 63 years. , and of Jane Hill his wife who died September . 3d 1834 aged 63 years. , William their son died Sepr. 1st 1828 aged 17 years. , also Jane Wright their daughter who died November . 3d 1829 aged 32 years.

Long Marton (E. wall of chancel). In memory of his father George Bellas who died in the 81st years. of his age 1736, and of his mother Elisabeth who died in her 86th years. this stone was layed by their son Joseph A.D. 1743 who died July 2d. 1766 aged 76, and Margaret his wife who died June 21st, 1787 aged 87. (4 brasses on stone 1792 & 1889). 1, On the 1st June 1792 the ancient Family surname of Bellasis was duly registered at the College of Arms. 2. Propitietur Deus Mariæ sorori natu maximæ Josephi predicti necnon uxori Thomæ Monkhouse de Fieldhead in parochiâ de Burgh infra Stainmore et nuptæ in hâc Ecclesiâ S. Margaritæ A.D. 1702. 3. Propitietur Deus Joannre, sorori natu minimæ Josephi predicti necnon uxori Josiæ Raisbeck de Battleburgh in parochiâ vicinâ S. Michælis, et baptizatæ in hâc Ecclesiâ S. Margaritæ A.D. 1688. 4. In memory of the sisters of the Reverend G. Bellasis, died D., Rector of Yattendon & Vicar of Basilden & Ashampstead, Berks, Elizabeth wife of the Reverend William Kilner, Rector of Dufton, born 30 Oct. 1728 at Long Marton died æt. 89; Emma wife of the Reverend Nathaniel Springett, B.A., of Brasenose College, Oxford, born 26 December 1732 at Long Marton, died æt. 61 ; Hannah, wife of Thomas Crosby of Kirkby Thore, born 11 June 1735 at Long Marton, died æt. 81, and Margaret, wife of John Hill of Crackenthorpe, born 4 June 1738, died æt.79. Quorum animabus propitietur Deus. Mary wife of Hugh Bellasis died July 16th 1819 aged 73 years. Hugh Bellasis son of Joseph died January 21st 1825 aged 85 years. Joseph son of John and Hannah Bellasis died Oct. 19, 1816 aged 25 weeks. Daniel, son of John and Hannah, died March 26th 1826 aged 4 years. William, son of John and Hannah, died August 8th 1827 aged 12 years. Jane daughter of John and Hannah. died January 19, 1835 aged 8. John, son of John and Hannah, died June 21st 1848 aged 24 years.