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Found 7 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Michael In memory of Isabella, wife of Joseph Lowis of Southfield who died September 6, 1867 aged 42 years. Rebecca their daughter who died June 22, 1866 aged 4 years.

Long Marton (S). Erected in m. John, son of William (and Mary) Lowis who died March 7th 1810 aged 24 years. and 10 m.

Long Marton (N.E). Sacred memory of Thomas Lowis of Brampton Croft Ends. He died February 16th 1834 aged 73 years. also of Margaret his wife who died May 13th 1840 aged 79 years.

Lowther S. m Richard, son of William and Frances Parker of Melkinthorpe who died Augst. 24th 1885 aged 24 years. The Lord loved him too much to spare him to us any longer. Mary Lowis died March 18th 1887 aged 78 years.

Shap In memory of James Lowis of Shap who died December . 5th 1874 aged 84 years. Also Dinah, his who died December . ISt 1368 aged 72 years. Also Dinah their daughter who died April 16th 1835 aged 3 years. Also Mary their daughter who died June 10th 1841 aged 20 years. Also Elizabeth their daughter and wife of Thomas Rigg who died August 24th 1848 aged 29 years.

Shap (S). In affectionate remembrance of John Lowis, of Shap, who died October 23rd, 1887 aged 78 years. "Thy Will Be Done."

Shap (S). In loving memory John Lowis, of Keld who died November 8th 1888 aged 85 years. Also of Martha his wife who died January 16th 1869, aged 60