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Found 5 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Michael (S.E). To Memory of Jane the Wife of John Martin, of Murton, who died October 22, 1796 aged 62. Also Jeremiah their son, March 17, 1782 aged 13, also Ruth their Daughter died September 18th 1801 Aged 28.

Appleby St Michael (N). I. h. s. In remembrance of Thomas Martin of Battle-Barrow who died December 1st 1839 in his 18 years.

Appleby St Michael (N) I. H. S. † in remembrance of Thomas Martin of Battle:Barrow Who died December 1st 1879 in her 78th years.

Askham (S). In Memory of Jonathan Martin of Helton, who died February 3rd 1884 aged 76 years. Also Jane his wife who died November . 2nd 1873 aged 54 years. Also James their son who died March 2nd 1859 aged 6 years.

Windermere (S). Sacred memory of James Martin of Bowness, born January 22nd 1803, died January 1st 1853; children of the above, Mary Jane born July 20th 1844, died August 22nd 1844, Elizabeth Ann, born July 20th 1844, died May 8th, 1852. " He shall gather the Lambs with his Arm and carry them in his Bosom."