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Found 4 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Michael W. P. 1761. (? a William . Thompson is buried 1761, & a William . Powley, 1754).

Asby (W. wall, brass). Near this place lies the body of William Powley who died Aug. 2nd, 1768, aged 86. Also Agnes his wife died November 3rd, 1741, aged 66. Go home all friends & leave us here For we must lie till Christ appear. When he returns we hope to have A joyful rising from the grave.

Kirkby Stephen S. m. John Powley who died 14th March 1830 aged 76 years. Also of Jane his wife who died May 24th 1841 aged 90, Their children Agnes Powley who died an infant, Sarah Powley who died 26th February . 1808 aged 22 years.

Shap Emma, wife of William Powley of Shap died . . . 1799 aged 64 years. William Powley died 12th January, 18 . . . aged 81 years.