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Found 5 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (E). Sacred memory of Elizabeth Sedgwick, daughter of William . and Elizabeth Sedgwick, of Hoff, who died I. the 19th day of July, A.D. 1819, aged 29 years. This lovely bud so young and fair Snatch'd hence by early doom, Just come to show how sweet a flower In Paradise would bloom. (Other side). Sacred memory of William Sedgwick of Hoff, who died I. the 5th dayof December, 1831, aged 63 years.

Appleby St Michael (S. Altar tomb). To Memory of Francis Sedgwick of Langton who departed this life July 31st 1825 Aged 94 years. Erected by his son Thomas Sedgwick. Also To Memory of the said Thomas Sedgwick of Drybeck, who departed this life July 28th 1827 aged 63. Also Frances the Daughter of Thomas Sedgwick who died April 30th 1832 aged 47 years. Also John, Son of the above Francis who died September . 22d 1838 aged 27 years. Also of Jane the Wife of the above named Thomas Sedgwick of Drybeck who died September . 24th 1850 aged 90 years.

Dufton (E). In memory of Anne wife of Francis Sedgwick of Langton in the parish of Bongate, who died September 10 1801 aged 61 years. Anne their daughter who died July 19,1808 aged 36 years. John their son who died 21 May 1867 aged 86y.

Kendal (In. W. on parchment in frame). Memory of S. Viri vere Generosi, Plurimisque nominibus desideratissimi Georgii Sedgwick. Qui, Omnibus cultioris humanitatis dotibus, abunde ornatus Honorabili died D. Philippo Comiti Penbrochiensi Celeberimæ deinde illius Viduæ Amanuensis sibi Locum meruit; Cujus Familiâ (qua nemo Famulus non floruit) Annis pariter atque opibus auctus (monente munificentissimâ Dominâ Partis fæliciter fruendis Sedem Senectuti suæ comparare) Fundum, huic Municipio vicinum, emit dictum Collinfeild Vbi plus tribus Lustris Singulari in pauperes charitate, Amicitia in proximos, Erga omnes benevolentiá Notis omnibus charus et amabilis vixit, Nec paucioribus flebilis obijt Decimo Die Junij Anno Salutis Humanæ MDCLXXXV. Ætatis suæ LXVII.

Kendal (W). Sacred memory of Ann Eliza Wilson who died October 1st 1833 aged 35 years. , also of Agnes Scott (widow) who died September 18th 1871 aged 79 and of Martha Wilson who died April 20th 1872 aged 72 years. also of Edward Wilson Scott, died January 1860, Agnes Catherine Scott died January 1879, John Scott died in London August 1884, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Scarisbrick, died November 1885, children of the above Agnes Scott.