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Found 12 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Heversham (In. N.W. aisle). The Reverend James Backhouse S.T.B. Senior Fellow of Trin. Coll. Camb. And for many years. Dean and one of the Principal tutors of the said College, Chancellor of Bristol and Peterborough, Rector of Scotter, Lincolnshire, He deceased at Helsington Laythes, His Brother-in-Law's Mr. Richd. Bindloss's, 30th September 1790 In the 74th years. of his Age. His loving and grateful Brother and Sisters Erected this Monument To His Memory.

Heversham (N. altar tomb). The Reverend James Backhouse B.D. Senior Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, Obiit September 30th 1790 Aged 74, also Richard Bindloss, Brother-in-Law of the above, late of Helsington Laiths died the 11th of February . 1804 Aged 74, and Elinor his Wife, died January 24th.1814 Aged 84. Also in m. Thomas Jackson who died in Jamaica in the years. 1821 Aged 58 years. Also of Elizabeth Jackson widow of the above named Thomas Jackson who died September 21st 1852 Aged 82 years.

Heversham (S. altar tomb, railing). Sacred memory of Philip Bindloss, late of Park House, who d. 29th January 1802 aged 35 years. , also of Jane Bindloss his wife who died 8th August 1831 aged 69, and of their daughter Jane Bindloss who died 17th March 1831 aged 31 years. , " a broken and contrite heart o God thou wilt not despise," also of Thompson Bindloss their son who died , at Castle Green April 4th 1850 aged 52. " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord," Reverend XIV. 13, also of Elizabeth, widow of the late Thompson Bindloss of Castle Green, Kendal, and da. of the late Edward Kitching, surgeon, Milnthorpe, who d October 23rd 1881 aged 78 years. " be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh."

Heversham (E. flat tomb, rail). This Tomb is inscribed with filial affection To m. Robert Bindloss of Greenside who died the 7th day of July 1827 Aged 71 years. , and also to that of Hannah his wife who died the l0th day of June 1841 Aged 86 years.

Heversham (S). In memory of Robert Bindloss who was Sexton of this Parish 26 years. He died 4th June 1847 Aged 71 years.

Heversham (S). In memory of Robert Bindloss, nephew of the late Thompson Bindloss of Castle Green who died at Kirkland, Kendal, December 18th 1868 aged 45 years.

Heversham (S. altar tomb, rails). Sacred memory of William Bindloss of Deepthwaite who died 27th April 1841 Aged 74 years. S. also to the memory of Alice Bindloss, relict of the above who d. 13th February . 1844 Aged 68 years. And of their children viz, Elizabeth Bindloss who died 21st November , 1806 Aged 4 years. , Emma Bindloss, who died 22nd April 1823 aged 4 years. , Robert Johnson Bindloss who died 11th May 1830 Aged 17 years. Susanna Clegg who died 20th September . 1832 Aged 28 years. William Bindloss who died l0th March 1835 Aged 35 years. Richard Story Bindloss who died 8th July 1842 Aged 31. Alice Bindloss who died 1st September . 1844 Aged 36 years. Mary Cartmel who died 6th November . 1850 Aged 44 y, Dorothy Stoddart who died January l0th 1861 Aged 45 years.

Heversham (E). In a, remembrance of William Bindloss of Heversham, who died November 9th 1878, aged 75 years. , also of Hannah, wife of the above, who died October 31st 1882 aged 76 y, "This stone was erected by their children."

Heversham (E. flat tomb, rail) . In memory of Thomas Braithwaite of Kendal who died February 24th 1822 aged 48 years. , and of Jane Braithwaite his widow only daughter of Robert Bindloss of Greenside who died March 12th 1862 aged 80 years. , and also of Hannah Braithwaite daughter of the above named Thomas and Jane Braithwaite, who died at Greenside March 2nd 1872, aged 61 years.

Heversham (S). In affectionate remembrance of Mary Emma, the beloved Wife of Edward Isherwood of Cheadle Hulme & Eldest daughter of William & Hannah Bindloss, Heversham, who died June 2nd, 1867 aged 30 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (In. Window E). Cragg and Middleton. Arms, i gu. fess between 3 mullets in chief, and 3 cross crosslets in base ar. On inescutcheon 41y. 1 & 4. ar. saltire engrailed sa. (Middleton), 2 & 3, 41y per fess indented or & gu. on bend az. cinquefoil between 2 martlets of lst (Bindloss). ii. Hebblethwaite & Middleton ar. 2 pallets az.; on canton or, mullet sa. On inescutcheon Middleton & Bindloss 41y. iii. Moore and Cragg. Arms, or, on chevron erminois between 3 wreathed negro's heads couped ppr., pheon of the field. On inescutcheon 41y. 1 & 4. Cragg, 2 Middleton, 3 Bindloss. iv. Fawcett and Hebblethwaite. Arms, ar. on bend az. 3 dolphins embowed or. On inescutcheon 41y. 1 & 4 Hebblethwaite,2 Middleton, 3 Bindloss. v. 41y. of 6, 1 & 6, Moore; 2, Cragg; 3, Middleton; 4, Bindloss, 5 ?–––On inescutcheon 41y. 1, Fawcett; 2, Hebblethwaite; 3, Middleton; 4, Bindloss; vi. Fawcett. Arms, 41y. 1, Fawcett; 2, Hebblethwaite; 3, Middleton; 4, Bindloss.

Kirkby Lonsdale (E). In memory of Ann wife of John Dobson who died at Ridding, Bentham, on the 7th of August 1864 aged 52 years. Also Dorothy wife of Robert Bindloss daughter of the above who died at Ridding, Bentham, on the 11th of September 1867 aged 27 years.