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Found 8 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Askham (W). Thomas Bateman of Askham, who died 22nd May, 1879, aged 82 years. , for 50 y. a faithful servant on the Lowther Estate. Also of Barbara his wife who d. 25th February, 1872, aged 77 years.

Heversham (S). In memory of John Bateman of Beathwaite Green who died June 28th 1842 aged 67 y., also of Jane his wife, who died April 27th 1864 aged 84 years. , also of Isaac son of Isaac and Margaret Bateman and grandson of the above who died December . 26th 1862 aged2 years.

Heversham (E). i. h. s. In memory of Mary the beloved wife of Miles Bateman of Levens who d. August 17th 1879, aged 49 years. , also of Mary Ann daughter of the above, who died November 26th 1883 aged 18 years. ," " asleep in Jesus," also of Jane their daughter who died April 23rd 1886 aged 23 years.

Heversham (E. altar tomb, rail). In memory of Nathaniel Bateman June 26th 1832 in the 54th y. of his age. Griffith Bellingham, Bar. tus. Memory of R. C. MDCCLXV. Reclining on left arm female figure on red cushion, gold bound book in right hand, 2 skulls on either side and cherub below.

Kendal (In. Bellingham chapel, E). Here lieth the body of Mr. Henry Bateman, late of Blease, who died the 18th day of March, Anno Dom. 1683 et. ætatis suræ 31, H. B. MDCLXXXIII.

Kendal (In. Bellingham chapel, E). Here lieth the body of Mr. Roger Bateman, eldest son of Mr. Henry Bateman, late of Blease, who (being four years. and three moneths old) died the ninth day of August, Anno Dom. 1684.

Kendal (In. brass, Bellingham chapel, E). Here under lyeth the body of Alice, the wife of Roger Bateman. of Ould Hutton, Clothier, daughter of Richard Garthwait of Garsdale Yeamon (sic), who dyed the 25th day of March, 1637, being aged 26 years 5 monthes and od dayes, and left issue 3 daus., Agnes, Margaret, and Elizabeth. Shall we entrust a grave with such a guest, Or thus confine her to a marble chest, Who though the Indies met in one smale roome, Th'are short in treasure of this pretious tombe, Well borne, and bred, brought up to feare and care, Marriage, which makes up women, made her rare, Matron and maide with all choyse virtues grac'st. Louveving and lov'd of all, a soule so chast, Ne'rigg'd for heaven, with whom none dare Venture their states with her in bliss to share, She liveing virtues pattern, the poores releife, Her husband's cheifest joy, now dead, his greife.

Kendal (W. altar tomb rail). William Bateman of Middleshaw, departed this life August 22nd, 1787, aged 33 years. Agnes Bateman, September 3d, 1798 aged 47 years. William Bateman Senr., died 11th February, 1807, aged 86 years. , his daughter Nancy, the wife of Thomas Harrison, surgeon, died 3d June,1821, aged 52 yr, also of Thomas Harrison, late of Kendal, sugeon, & one of the senior aldermen of this burgh who died the 4th of July, 1834, in the 61st years. of his age.