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Found 15 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (S.E). Erected in m. Mason Stephenson, Esq., Mayor of this borough and one of the Coroners of the County of Westmorland, who died deeply lamented by his numerous friends on the 12 day of December 1841, in the 39 years. of his age & also in m. his only son Richard Shepherd Stephenson, of Queen's College, Oxford, who died at Appleby his native place the 18 of February 1860, aged 22 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (S.. Aisle). Amicitiæ gratiâ. T. m. Richard S, Stephenson, of Queen's Coll. Oxon. who died at Appleby February 18th, 1860, aged 22 years.

Bampton (Brass on stone W. wall). Memoriæ Sacrum Reverend i. Gulielmi Stephenson hujus Ecclesiæ Vicarii, qui obiit 25to die Decembris 1762do Ætatis suæ 57 months.

Beetham (W). I. H. S. In affectionate remembrance of Christopher Stephenson Who died at Storth September 29, 1879 Aged 74 years. Also Mary his Wife, who died September 1 1879 Aged 73 years. And of John their Son who died July 24, 1881 aged 51 years.

Beetham (W). In memory of John Stephenson of Storth who died at Barrow March 17th 1875 aged 27 years. " Be ye also ready."

Cliburn (Loose, against churchyard wall. Two brasses on stone). To the memory of Bridget wife of the Reverend Robert Stephenson, Rector of Cliburn who died Augt. 12th 1773 aged 40 years. & lies interr'd near this place. 2. Life how short Eternity how long. To the memory of the Reverend Robt. Stephenson of Queen's College Oxford upwards of Forty years. Rector of Cliburn. He died at Scarborough 7 September 1802 In the 79th years. of his Age. From his holy. official zeal, From the fervour of his Piety, And the Purity of his Life Both Pastors & Flocks might learn. Arms; Fess between 3 hawks' heads impaling cross patoncé. (for Pilkington).

Dufton (E). In memory of Christopher Stephenson of Hilton who died on the 22nd of July 1875 aged 65 years.

Dufton (E). In memory of George Stephenson of Coat Syke who died March 27, 1836 aged 64 y., also Elizabeth his wife who died March 9, 1853 aged 79 years. William and Benjamin their sons who died October 28,1811, aged 3 weeks. John their son who died January 5, 1854 aged 48 years. George their son who died May 14, 1855 aged 57 years. Thomas their son who died June 19, 1858 aged 56 years. , Robert their son who died September 6, 1861 aged 52 years. T . . . . . T. T. 1861.

Dufton (E). In memory of William Tatters of Dufton who died June 27, 1831 aged 46 years. Jane his wife who died March 22, 1861 aged 74 years. John their son who died February 27, 1866 aged 54 years. Elizabeth wife of John Tatters and daughter of George and Elizabeth Stephenson, Coat Syke, who died March 22, 1860 aged 44 years. George their son who died May 9, 1855 aged 12 years. Hannah their daughter who died February 5 . . . . aged 5 years. Isabella daughter of the above William & Jane Tatters who died March 21, 1876 aged 62 years. Christopher their son who died May 7, 1871) aged 49 y.

Dufton (S). In memory of Thomas Thornborow who died July 16, 1856 aged 79 years. Isabella his wife who died December 26 1848 aged 68 years. Also Elizabeth Stephenson theirda. who died June l0th 1868 aged 63 years.

Kendal (E. 3 altar tombs, rail). [1] . Here lieth the Body of Edward Stephenson who departed this life the 9th Day of December 1766 aged 32. [2] . In memory of Elizabeth Stephenson who died May 30th 1786 aged 80. And was interred under the adjoining Tomb also of Robert Stephenson her Son who died April 5, 1803 aged 63. [3] . Here lieth the Body of Robert Stephenson who died L, the 22d Day of December 1776 aged 88 years.

Long Marton (N). In affectionate remembrance of Robert Stephenson of Long Marton who died May 12th 1871 aged 77 years. also of Joseph his brother who died June 11th 1880 aged 79y.

Orton (N). i.h.s. In affectionate remembrance of James Stephenson of Low Borrow Bridge who departed this life April 26th 1883 aged 49 years.

Orton (N. cross). In memory of William Hamilton son of William Ridley and Helena Stephenson, Town Head Terrace, Orton. B. 27th January died 4th March 1879, and Emmanuel George also son of the above B. 16th March 1880 died 11th February 1881.

Shap S. m. Edward Stephenson, Keld, who departed this life October 28th 1845 aged 74 years. Also Agnes Stephenson his Wife who departed this life May 9th 1824 aged 52 years. Rest, ye precious relics, within this hospitable gloom, rest in gentle slumbers till the last trumpet shall give the welcome signal & sound aloud through all your silent mansions. Arise, shine, for your light is come, & the glory of the Lord is arisen upon you.