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Found 9 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Brough (S). In A. R. Isabella Ann the beloved wife of George Lishman of Shildon, Durham and fourth daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Cowperthwaite of Brough Sowerby,who died April 21st 1874 Aged 19 years.

Brough (S). In a. R. Eleanor Mary the beloved daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Cowperthwaite of Brough Sowerby who d August 7th 1874 Aged 13 years.

Heversham (E. broken altar tomb). Here lie the Remains of Jenny wife of Christopher Cowperthwaite late of Nether Levens who departed this life Ju(ne) the (15th Regr). . .1739 in the. . .Y. of Age. (Sh)e was a kind Neighbour, a dutiful Wife, and (Here) also lie the Remains of Ann, daughter of William (&) Hannah Fletcher of Kendal . . .Grand daughter to the. . . who departed this life (Aug)ust 22, 17(73) ? in the l1th . . . Age. (Worn away).

Kendal (S. Wall, removed thither in 1849, with others, from mid aisle floor, on the church being partially re-flagged), Here lie the Remains of Hannah, Wife of William Fletcher, Apothecary and Surgeon, who departed this life April 2d 1752 in the 37th years. of her Age, she was daughter to Christopher & Jennet Cowperthwaite late of Nether Levens. She was an affectionate and dutiful Wife and daughter and an indulgent Parent. (Mr Jennings.)

Kendal (In. W). To the memory of John Williamson late of Natland Beck, Gent. who departed this life February 29, 1760; aged 51. And Mary his wife, daughter of James and Catherine Cowperthwaite of Whitwell, who died August 20, 1784 ; aged 79. Also Stephen their elder son who died an Infant, This Monument was erected by their only surviving son, James Williamson B.D. of Queen's College, Oxford.

Orton (S). In memory of Margaret wife of Edward Cowperthwaite, Redgill, Yeoman, who died June 24th 1866 aged 66 years. Also the above-named Edward Cowperthwaite who died at Orton April 4th 1888 aged 82.

Orton (N). In affectionate remembrance of John Dobson of Bretherdale who died 20th June 1879 aged 68 years. Also of Jane his wife who died 28th May 1872 in the 58th years. of her age. Also of Elizabeth their daughter the beloved wife of Thomas B. Cowperthwaite of Street, Orton who died 10th April 1876 aged 28 years. Also of Christopher who died at Yew Tree, Crook 2 August 1885 aged 31 years.

Orton (S). i.h.s. Sacred memory of Henry and Isabel Whiteside of Raisbeck and their deceased Children Henry Whiteside died March 5th 1877 aged 83 years. Isabel Whiteside died September 11th 1860 aged 67 years. Joseph Whiteside died April 15th 1883 aged 65 years. Nanny Cowperthwaite died May 21st 1878 aged 56 years. Bowness Whiteside died May 26th 1878 aged 51 years.

Ravenstonedale (W). In affectionate remembrance of John Cowperthwaite of Stennerskeugh who died January 22nd 1880 aged 68 years. Also of Isabella daughter of the above John and Eliz. Cowperthwaite who died May 21st 1876 aged 23 years.