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Found 10 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Brough (S). In Memory of John. Davis, Yeoman, of Hilbeck who departed this life May 20th 1836 aged 70 years.

Brough (S). In A. R. Thomas Davis who died March 7th 1881 aged 81 years.

Brough (S). Here lies the Body of Davis Davis of Hillbeck who departed this life the 27th Day of May, year of Our Lord 1774 aged 71.

Brough (S). The dead in Christ lie here Through life by all respected, And lov'd by those so dear, By whom this stone's erected. In memory of Elizabeth wife of Charles Davis of Brough who died December 16, 1856 Aged 65 years. Also Mary their daughter who died March 18, 1848 Aged 28 years. Charles Davis died November . 24th 1873 aged 79 years. Also Mary his second wife who died September 21st 1875 aged 49 years. Also Mary Elizabeth their daughter who died November 6th 1874 aged 11 years. and 8 m.

Brough (W). In loving memory John Davis of Church Brough Who died July 5th 1885 aged 25 years.

Heversham (N). Sacred memory of Joshua Davis of Hincaster House who died the 26th day of April 1849 Aged 76 years. Also of Jane his Wife who died on the 4th day of July 1840 Aged 77. She was interred at Melling. Also of James, Son of the above who died at Hincaster September 29th 1863 Aged 60 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (W. 2 stones, stone edging). 1. In memory of Henry Turner Davis who died January 5th 1824 aged 18 weeks. And of Martha Davis who died October 18th 1829 aged 25 years. the son and wife of Robert Davis of this town. Also of the above Robert Davis, who died November . 3rd 1833 aged 34 years. Also of Ann daughter of the above Robert and Martha Davis who died May 30th 1835 aged 6 years. And of Elizabeth second wife of the above Robert Davis who died November 20th 1845 aged 49 years. 2. In memory of William Davidson of Bentham who died October 13th 1784. Interred at Bentham. And of Jane Thirnbeck his wife, she died March 17th 1829 aged 85 years. Also of Henry Davis their son who died October 13th 1852 aged 84 years. And of Ann Davis wife of the said Henry Davis, she died November 18th 1838 aged 76 years. Also of Elizabeth wife of John Davis who died January 6th 1863 aged 86 years. Also of John Davis, born Decbr. 27th 1794, died 17th April 1875.

Kirkby Lonsdale (N. altar tomb). To the memory of Mary Davis who died January 20th 1836 aged 53 years. this stone was erected by Her affectionate Friend John Bainbridge. Also of Jane Garnett, niece of the above, who died May 29th 1862 aged 27 years.

Kirkby Stephen (S. altar tomb). In memory of Anthony Davis who died June 27th 1782 aged 71, Mary his wife died April 13th 1816 aged 84. Joshua their younger son died February 17th 1795 aged 33. William their elder son died April 13th 1796 aged 36. Isabella his wife (da. of Robert Islip) died October 1st 1839 aged 71. Isabella, wife of Anthony Davis died September 15th 1839 aged 41. Anthony Davis son of William Davis died September 22nd 1852 aged 60. lsabella wife of William Davis died September 10th 1856 aged 33. William Davis died March 16th 1858 aged 33.

Kirkby Stephen (In.S). This roof was made in 1845 and in the 9th years. of the reign of Victoria. Henry King Memory of A. Vicar, Anthony Davis, George Bailey, John Ellwood, Thomas Fothergill, churchwardens, William Close carpenter, George Bell, plumber.* * On the new roof are sundry arms &c., such as Musgrave, Lowther, Mason, Whitwell, Wakefield, Simpson, &c.