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Found 8 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Brough (In. Tower. brass). Here lyes the bodyof the Rever'nd Joseph Fisher Memory of A. late vicar of Burgh, Arch Deacon of Carlisle, and SometimeFellow of Queen's College, Oxon, whose Exquisite knowledge of the Eastern languages Procur'd him the due Esteem of that University and whose Conduct in his Ministeriall Function was Such as became a wise, Religious and faithfull Pastour. His Deportment was grave, his Temper courteous and his Charity Universall ; his Soul was fill'd with worth and honesty, and adorn'd with meekness and Humility. He was a tender and endearing husband, a true friend, and kind neighbour, an ornament of the church militant but now a member of the Church Triumphant. obijt 13 mo die nov. Anno Salutis 1704; Ætatis 50.

Brough (In:Tower, Brass). H. Q. R. Isabellae, Filiae Jo. Kidd Gen. Quae Maritos habuit Jos. Fisher A.M. Archidiaconum Eccles. Cathedral. Carliol. Et Hujus Vicarium, Et Franc. Thompson S. T. B. Hujus Eccles Vicarium Ob. 25 Octobris A. Dom. 1737 Aetat 65. Here rests a Pattern of the Female Life, The Woman, Friend, the Mother, and the Wife, A Woman form'd by Nature, more than Art, With smiling ease to gain upon the Heart. A Friend as true as Guardian Angels are, Kindness her Law, humanIty her care. A Mother, sweetly tender, justly dear, Oh! never to be nam'd without a Tear. A Wife, of every Social Charm possest, Blessing her Husbands, in her Husbands blest. Love In her Heart, Compassion in her Eye, Her Thoughts as humble, as her Vertues high. Her Knowledge useful, nor too high, nor low, To serve her Maker, and her Self to know. Born to relieve the Poor, the Rich to please, To live with Honour, and to die in Peace. So full her Hope, her Wishes so resign'd, Her Life so blameless, so unstain'd her Mind, Heaven smil'd to see, and gave the gracious Nod, Nor longer would detain her from her God. Heu ! Mater. charissima, Heu ! Mater optima, Vale! Vale! Johannes & Guilielmus Thompson Filij, Memory of P.

Heversham (E). Sacred memory of Nancy Fisher, widow of Henry Fisher Esqre of Highbury Park, London, died April l0th 1840 aged 67 years. N. F. 1840. (FLETCHER). (Old tomb to Fletchers). 1738.

Kendal (In. N. dove, crown, and Palm branch, 3books, one opened). In memory of Anne, wife of Ralph Fisher of Hill-Top near Kendal Esquire, a most affectionate partner, a kind and tender mother, a sincere and attached friend and a truly pious Christian. She departed this life on the 21st day of June 1818 at the age of 38 years. leaving a disconsolate husband & a large young family to deplore her loss. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." (Crest, a Kingfisher holding a fish. Arms, or, chevron between three kingfishers gu : Motto Ex fide fortis.

Kendal (In. Bellingham chapel). Here lieth the body of Edward Fisher, eldest son of Mr. Thomas Fisher of Highgate in K. Kendall who died the 4th day of March Anno Domini 1676 aetatis suae 19, (some Greek, difficult to decipher, follows).

Kendal (N. W). Underneath this Stone is interred John, The Son of Ralph & Ann Fisher of Hill-Top in this County, who died the 7th Day of April 1810 Aged 11 m. Also Sarah & Betsey, Infant Daus. of Ralph and Ann Fisher, who died the 18th August 1816. Also Ann, Wife of Ralph Fisher, who died 21st June 1818 Aged 38 years.

Kendal (In. N. clerestory window). John Fisher gave this. Arms, az. on chevron between 3 towers ar. a compass. Motto, In the Lord is our trust. (Mr. Rushforth).

Long Marton (N). Sacred memory of Richard Fisher of Brampton Crofts who died October 9th 1880 aged 59 years. also his beloved daughters Sarah, who died August 25th 1865 aged 12 years. Elizabeth, who died November 14th 1867 aged 17 years. Mary Ann who died April 15th 1872 aged 20 years.