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Found 19 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (S.) To the memory of John Hunter of Hoff Row, who died Ist of September 1793 aged 74, also Jane Hunter, wife of John Hunter who died 16th of April 1810 aged 85 years. Ann their Daughter who died 26th of August 1777 aged 23, Ruth their daughter who died 2d of November 1779 aged 20, Hannah their daughter who died 30th of March 1782 aged 18. (Other Side). In memory of George son of Richard & Bridget Hunter of Hoff Row who died May 16th 1841 aged 41 years. , Richard Hunter son of John Hunter who died 15th of March 1806 aged 83. Also of Bridget his wife who died March 27th 1845 aged 81 years. Henry Hunter his son died January 14th 1812 aged 9. John Hunter died May 6th 1816 aged 23. Also Jane Hunter who died I. June Ist 1818 aged 22.

Dufton (S). To the memory of Thomas Hunter who died the 11th of August 1800 aged 42 years. Thomas his son died the 1st of May 1788 aged 2 years. , also Hannah his wife who died June 29th 1823 aged 83 years.

Heversham (In. S). Sacred memory of Benjamin Hunter late of Kendal, who died during his Mayoralty there on the 22nd day of November 1821 Aged 34 years.

Heversham (N). Sacred memory of John Hunter late of Sedgwick, who departed this life March 2nd, 1833 Aged 37 years. Farewell vain world, I've had enough of thee, And careless am I what thou say'st of me, Thy smiles I court not, nor thy frowns I fear, My cares are past, my head lies quiet here. This stone was erected as a tribute of respect by his brother and sister.

Kendal (Bellingham chapel). Memorial.- This is to certify that the Brass Plates to the East of this Inscription were collected from the Floor and Pew doors of this church, during its Restoration in 1851 and 1852, and were carefully preserved and are precisely the same as they were found at the time. In testimony whereof we have caused this Brass plate to be engraved. Joseph Watkins Barnes, vicar of Kendal. William Chaplin, curate; churchwardens, John Mann, churchhusband, Edward Branthwaite, Isaac Edmondson, Joseph Barrow, Robert B. Hunter, Rainforth Hodgson, Samuel Compston, Thomas Busher, Henry Cragg, Thomas Brockelbank, Anthony Nicholson, Joseph Morton, Christopher Birkett, John Washington, Parish clerk.

Kendal (E. 2 altar tombs, rail). [I.] In memory of Benjamin Hunter, Wine Merchant, who d. February 2, 1804 aged 51, also of Elizabeth, his Wife, daughter of John Dickinson, of Low Barrows Green, who died February 4, 1788 aged 25, & of Alice, his second Wife, daughter of the Reverend Isaac Knipe Memory of A. of Ambleside, who died December 27, 1802 aged 35, & of Catherine his daughter who died June 4, 1799 aged 4 Memory of [2] .Thomas Hunter late of Kendal, Hosier, died February 12th 1784 aged 64Y., And Catherine his daughter died July 15th 1766 aged 9 years. , Also Catherine his Wife departed this life May 18th 1787 aged 73. Thomas Hunter, hosier, son of Thomas & Catherine Hunter died June l0th 1811, aged 56. Jane Hunter died September 16th, 1829 Aged 73.

Kirkby Stephen (Flat stone). To the memory of Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. Robert Hunter of Bowberhead, Ravenstonedale, died April 27th 1806 aged 71, also to the memory of Isabella only daughter of the above named Mr. Robert Hunter & Elizabeth his wife died February 2d 1837 aged 65.

Kirkby Thore (S). In memory of John Hunter who died May 17th 1848 Aged 46 years. (Space). Also Elizabeth daughter of the above who died June 7th 1832 aged 8 m. also George son of the above who died February 27th 1848 aged 8 years.

Long Marton (S). Sacred memory of Thomas Hunter who died May 14, 1855 aged 80 and Isabella his daughter who died July 29, 1819 aged 18. Also Ann his wife who died April 18th 1847 aged 68 years.

Long Marton (N). In memory of William Sanderson of Brampton who died May 17th 1849 aged 64 years. Also Mary his wife who died December 14th, 1878 aged 85 years. Also William their son who died at Dorchester, North America, September . 11th 1872 aged 50 years. And of Edward Hunter who died at Long Marton January 28th 1868 aged 51 years.

Lowther Thomas Hunter of Hackthorpe, born May 21st 1810, died May 13th 1884. Jesus said, Him that cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out. John vi. 37. For without me ye can do nothing. John xv.5.

Orton (E). In memory of Thomas Hunter who died at Brwnnmoor House in this Parish June 29. 1811 aged 72 years. And Elizabeth his Wife died April 29. 1831, aged 93. Also Mary the Wife of John Hunter of Archer Hill died April 16th 1828 aged 48. (Other side). The trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised up. What is now unknown the Judgement day will reveal. Erected by an affectionate Father to commemorate the melancholy death of an only son who on the night of Saturday, November 18th. 1837, upon his return from Kendal was waylaid and shot dead by a daring assassin and his money taken from him in a solitary lane not far from his own door. Thomas Hunter of Archer Hill was cut down as a flower in the 32nd years. of his age. By his loss an endearing wife & three children were bereft of their kind protector.

Ravenstonedale (On painted board in church). John Bousfield, Edward Beck, Joseph Hunter, John Shearman, Churchwardens. 1747.

Ravenstonedale (S). Near this Place lie the Remains of James Fawcett late of Streetside, born there, who departed this life June 16th 1751 Aged 83 years. Also the Remains of Sibyll his Wife born at Bowberhead who departed this life February 21st 1748 Aged 74 years. Our Turn, To-morrow your's also. (Other side). Near this Place lie buried the remains of Anne the Wife of Fawcett Hunter of Dovengill who departed this life May 11, 1811 aged 64 years. The afflictions of this life soon pass away for "here we have no continuing city."

Ravenstonedale (W). In affectionate remembrance of Ann wife of James Hunter of Coldbeck in this Parish who died July 26th 1870 aged 19 years. Also of Anthony Dawson father of the above who died March 25th 1852 aged 25 years. and of Jane only child of James and Ann Hunter who died December . 17th 1870 aged 13 m. Also of Alice Dawson who died 17th February 1872 aged 45 years. also of the abovenamed James Hunter who died 26th May 1887 aged 47 years.

Ravenstonedale (S). In loving memory Anthony Hunter late of Fell End, Ravenstonedale, who died January 28th 1880 aged 50 years. "Come unto me all ye that labour & are heavy laden & I will give you rest."

Ravenstonedale (S. wall). Near this place lie interred the Remains of the late John Robinson Hunter of Dovengill who departed this life April 15.1811 aged 30y. He liv'd and died unplac'd, unpension'd, no man's heir or slave.

Ravenstonedale (W). Here lyeth The Remains of Mary Hunter, wife of Robert Hunter of Streetside who died February 23, 1779 aged 66. Also the remains of the late Robert Hunter of Street . . . . . usband who di . . Though long our rest here yet we may speak a moment to the living. Dust we are, dust you shall be. (Other side). Reader, Time was, like you,I life possest, And Time will be when you shall rest.

Ravenstonedale (W). Sacred memory of Thomas Hunter of Bowberhead in this Parish who departed this life May 2nd 1840 aged 76. Also of Ann his daughter who died May 25th 1814 aged 15. Also of Isabella his daughter who died Augst. 11th 1809 aged 10 m. Also of Ann his Wife who died March 22nd 1847 aged 73. Also of Isabella their daughter who died May 11th 1867 aged 55.