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Found 20 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (E). Here lies the body of the Reverend Joseph Milner Memory of A., vicar of this Parish born September 3rd 1793 died November 28th 1864. S. also to the beloved m. of Mary Milner wife of the Reverend Joseph Milner Memory of A., Vicar of Appleby born November 12, 1797 died May10, 1863.

Appleby St Lawrence (Porch). Sacred memory of Wilberforce Milner who died May 20, 1838 aged one w. 1863 aged 52 years.

Brough (S). Sacred memory of Jane, widow of the late Joseph Milner, Calba,Stainmore who died January 31st 1856, Aged 77. Her husband whom she survived 30 years. and their eldest son Joseph Holrond Milner are also here interred.

Brougham (W. of path). Sacred memory of Richard Milner of Whinfell who died April 9th 1840 aged 75 years. Also Margaret his daughter who died June 30th 1838 aged 23 years. Also John his son who died February 14th 1839 aged 19 years. Also Mary Milner wife of Richard Milner who. died April l0th 1849 aged 69 years.

Heversham (N) . In remembrance of Ann Dodgshon Milner daughter of the late Robert Squire of Haverflats, who died September . 18th, 1875. aged 69 years.

Kirkby Thore (E). Here lies John Milner who died February the 27, A.D. 1747 aged 69. Also William his son who died February the 3, A.D. 1747 aged 31. Also Thomas Robinson his son-in-Iaw who died March the 12 A.D. 1748 aged 23.

Orton (N). It is the Lord, let him do what seemeth him good. i.h.s. In Memoriam Edward Greenhow Milner, Yeoman, of Coatflatt Hall died 5th February 1876 aged 51 years. Memory of Memory of

Orton (N). In affectionate remembrance of Holme Milner of Breatherdale born October 30th 1774 died July 22nd 1846. Also of Isabella his wife born October 11th 1774 died May 21st 1838, and of their children Edmund born January 12th 1813 died March 7th 1834. William born April 22nd 1803 died March 22nd 1834. Thomas born October 25th 1810 died November . 30th 1839. George born December . 24th 1817 died at Colac, Victoria, June 26th 1860. Robert born October 5th 1804 died November . 3rd 1866. Holmes born May 30th 1801 died January 30th 1868. John born February 10th 1803 died April 26th 1868. Esther born July 3rd 1806 died January 1st 1873. Margaret born September . 20th 1799 died November . 9th 1880 and of their grand-da. Margaret Milner Taylor born January 17th 1841, died October 25th 1859.

Orton (N). We all do fade as a leaf. In memory of John Milner of Coat Flat Hall, Yeoman, who died on the 15th day of October 1837 aged 43 years. Also of Eleanor His daughter who died on the 5th day of October 1837 aged 10 years. E. Memory of , A.D. 1837. J. Memory of , A.D. 1837. Memory of Memory of , A.D. 1850.

Orton (N). To the memory of John Milner of Coatflatt Hall who died on the 18th day of April 1845 in the 87th years. of his age. This Monument is Erected by his Sorrowing Widow Eleanor. And to the memory of their Youngest Son Robert who died at Todmorden on the 1st day of September 1825 aged 26 years. And of their Eldest Son John who died at Coatflatt on the 14th day of October 1837 aged 43 years. And of their only daughter Esther, Wife of Samuel Simpson who died on the 4th day of November 1847 aged 43 years. Also of Eleanor the Widow of the above-named John Milner of Coatflatt Hall, who died on the 23rd day of March 1850 In the 77 years. of her age.

Orton (N). i.h.s. In affectionate remembrance of John son of the Reverend . John Milner who died at Hartley Oct. 29th 1872 aged 24 years.

Orton (N). Thy Will be done. In memory of Mary Milner widow of John Milner, Junr. of Coatflatt Hall who died July 5th 1856 aged 63, also of Mary Milner daughter of the above who died April 19th 1850 aged 19, and of James Milner their son who died June 19th 1850 aged 24. Memory of Memory of , A.D. 1856. T. Memory of , A.D. 1850.

Orton (N. wall of chancel). Here are interred Robert Milner Vicar of Orton born Augst. 21st 1767, died March 15th 1849 and his wife born December . 24th 1766, died January 22nd 1830. She was the only daughter of John Burn, formerly Curate of Caldbeck. Also their children, John born September 24th 1793 died November . 29th 1811. Ann born September . 1st 1813 died March 23rd 1820. Robert born May 17th 1795 died at Manchester 1824. Margaret born November . 29th 1798 died February 28th 1832. Jane born December . 21st 1811 died February 23rd 1835. Thomas born Augst. 12th 1805 died September . 8th 1837; their surviving Children Mary Ward, Esther Milner, William Holme Milner, and Sarah Fothergill erected this Monument to their Memory 1850. Esther born February 4th 1800 died August 16th.1876. Sarah born May 24th 1808; married George Fothergill, Surgeon, whom she survived. She died on June 26th 1870 at Morland In this County where she was interred. She left issue a Son and Daughter. P. Memory of 1830. J. Memory of 1811. A. Memory of 1820. R. Memory of 1824. Memory of Memory of 1832. J. Memory of 1835. T. Memory of 1837. E. Memory of 1876.

Orton (In. choir. N. Brass). + In memory of Robert Milner Forty-seven years. Vicar of this Parish, no less beloved as a Pastor than esteemed as a Justice of the County, skilled in magisterial law. He was born at Longgill in this Parish August 21. 1767 died at the Vicarage March 15, 1849. + In affectionate remembrance of a very kind and much Venerated Parent This Tablet is erected by his surviving children Mary Ward, Esther Milner, Sarah Fothergill, and William Holme Milner, Vicar of Penrith.. + If ye keep in memory what I preached unto you 1 Cor. 15,2.

Orton (In. choir. N. Brass). In memory of William Holme Milner. Vicar of Horncastle and Prebendary of Lincoln, and Formerly Vicar of Penrith. He was Son of the Revnd. Robert Milner, Vicar of Orton. Was born November 1st 1803 and died October 3rd 1868.

Orton (N). We cannot tell who next may fall Beneath the chastening rod. One must be first, but let us all Prepare to meet our God. Sacred memory of William Milner late of Gaisgill Second Son of the late John Milner of Coatflat Hall who died I. August 19th 1861 aged 61 years. Also of Mary Ann Milner his Wife Second daughter of the late Marmaduke Holme of Chapel House, Orton, who died March 30th 1861 aged 48 years. And of Esther Milner their youngest daughter who died at Gaisgill July 17th 1867 aged 19 years. Her Sun is gone down while it was yet day. - Jer. 15 ch. 9 v.

Orton (N). In memory of William Thompson, yeoman, late of Keld who died at Appleby November . 4th 1857 aged 66 years. Also Agnes his wife who died at Orton February . 19th 1874 aged 83 years. Also Mary Ann their daughter who died at Appleby December . 7th 1855 aged 23 years. Also Frances Milner their daughter who died at Manchester June 25th 1859 aged 25 years. Also Mary Ann Fanny Milner their grand-da. who died at Manchester October 28th 1859 aged 18 weeks. Also of Thomas son of the above who died at Manchester 14th November 1879 aged 44 years. His end was peace.

Orton (E. altar tomb). In memory of the Reverend . Anthony Ward, Vicar of Eastrington in the East Riding of Yorkshire and son of Thomas and Eliza Ward of Orton. He died at Eastrington Oct. 26th A.D. 1840 aged 52 and at his own request was interred here; he was a man of meek and kind disposition, a pious and sound divine. Mary Ward his widow and eldest daughter of the Reverend Robert Milner, Vicar of Orton died the 25th September 1854 and was buried here aged 62.

Ravenstonedale (In. S. Brass). Near this Place are Buried the Remains of – Godfrey February 25, 1741-2 84. and Milner, who died Aged Isabel February 12, 1744-5 84. And of four of their Children, viz: Margaret Blackburn who died November 18, 1721, Aged 36. John March 28, 1743 54. Amos Milner, who died June 24, 1720 Aged 29. Isabel August 11, 1741 47. Their two surviving Children, Sarah and Ralph Milner, Erected this Memorial. But on their good Characters Death has fixed His Seal, Not to be opened till the last Day. One Eye on Death, the other fix't on high, Will teach thee, Reader, both to live and die.

Ravenstonedale (S). We live to die, and die to live again. Sacred memory of John Milner of Greenside who died May 9, 1792, Aged 70. Also of Mary his Wife who died June 1, 1798 Aged 77. Also of John their Son who died November 3, 1778, Aged 26. Also of Mary their daughter the Wife of Jn. Stubbs who died May 26, 1801, Aged 47. Also of William their Son who died in Jamaica January 7, 1807, Aged 41. Also of Mary, Wife of Thomas their Son who died November 28, 1819, Aged 60. Mourn not that my short Glass is run, It is the Lord's, thy Will be done. Also of Thomas Milner of Greenside who died May 20, 1823, Aged 62.