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Found 2 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Heversham (N) . In remembrance of Ann Dodgshon Milner daughter of the late Robert Squire of Haverflats, who died September . 18th, 1875. aged 69 years.

Heversham (N). In memory of Robert Squire of Haverflatts Who died 27th of July 1845, Aged 66 y. Also of Ann his Widow, Who died November 3rd, 1850 Aged 73 years. Also of George Squire, Son of the above who died December . 24th, 1867 Aged 53 years. Also of Ann, Grand-da. of the above born Oct. 11th 1856, died October 20th, 1856. Also of May her Sister born September . 3rd. 1861, died April 27th, 1863, and Interred at Christ Church, Macclesfield May 1st. Also Maud their Sister, born November 15th, 1871, died March 28th, 1877.