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Found 12 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Asby (In. N) . Sacred memory of the Reverend Henry Guy who for 42 years. was Rector of this Parish. He was born in Ravenstonedale August 30th, 1798, and died January 10th, 1875, aged 77 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife, daughter of the late James Park, of Asby Hall, and Lord of the Manor of Asby Coatsforth, she died March 15th, 1877, aged 82 years. Also of Margaret their daughter who died March 24th, 1877, aged 60 years. Also of Henry Park their son who died February 18th, 1884, aged 53 years. “My flesh shall rest in hope." PSALM 16-9.

Asby (In. N). Sacred memory of James Park of Asby Low Grange, Lord of the Manor of Asby Coatsforth, and son of the late John Park of Warcop Tower, who died July 3lst, 1830, aged 68 years. Also Esther his widow who died December . 20th, 1847, aged 88 years. "Mark the perfect man and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace." PSALM XXXVII., v. 37. His surviving widow caused this monument to be erected. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

Asby (E). I. h. s. In affectionate remembrance of John Park who died December 11th, 1869, aged 71 years. Also of Ann his daughter who died July 28th, 1877, aged 29y.

Heversham (N). In memory of Edward Park, Son of William and Jane Park of Rigmaden who died March 3rd, 1841 Aged 20 years. William Park Father of the above died November 12th 1864 Aged 75 years. " Also of Jane, Mother of the above who died November l0th, 1866 Aged 84 years.

Kendal (E). In Memory of Mary Park wife of William Park of Storth-End who died 27 April 1796 aged 73 years. And of the above William Park who died 6 May 1805 aged 81 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (In. S. window). He is not here for he is risen as he said (& brass) To the Glory of God and in m. a beloved niece Hannah Park, who died October 26th 1861 Aged 21, This window is erected by T. H. Whitaker of Kirkby Lonsdale.

Kirkby Lonsdale (W). In memory of Rowland Park of Leck Villa who died July. 12th 1863 aged 66 years. also of Mary his wife who died February 29th 1862 aged 64 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (N.E. stone edging). Thoman Harper Whitaker died November 14, 1873 aged 61 years. Hannah Whitaker died May 5 1886 aged 59 years. Hannah Park died Oct. 26, 1841 aged 21 years.

Ormside (S). In memory of Ann Park Who died November 16, 1773 Aged 37 years. Also Henry Park, Husband to the above Who died Oct. 1, 179I Aged 61 years.

Warcop (Chancel S.) . . . Park, daughter of Thomas Brathwait died May 19, 1845 aged 74. ("She was buried in a vault on the S. side of the chancel, as was also her husband Geo: Park gent. She was dr. of Capt. Braithwait. the last resident of the former Lords of Warcop. ") Hill MSS. 7 447.

Warcop (In. N). Sacred memory of George Park late of Warcop Tower, Esqr., who died November . 20th 1841 aged 83. His remains lie interred in the Chancel of this Church. Also of Isabella his widow daughter of Thomas Brathwaite, gent, who died May 19th 1845 aged 74.

Warcop (S). In memory of John Park of Warcop Tower who died January 9th 184 aged 77 years. Agness his wife died July 21st 1812 aged 72 years. John their son died October 2nd 1789 aged 22 years. Henry their son died April 12th 1820 aged 46 years. Also George Lamb of Swaithburn who died May 1st 1844 aged 78 years. Margaret his wife died May 11th 1869. aged 93 years.