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Found 19 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (E). Sacred memory of James Dickson formerly Architect at Appleby Castle, who died at Conney Garth 18th September . 187Z aged 58 years. Also Margaret Scott his wife eldest daughter of the late Robert Scott cattle dealer, Darnick. Also John their only son who died at Conney Garth 28th Jany 1875 aged 21 years. Also their daughter Elizabeth wife of Ralph Scott who died at Morpeth Oct. 1863 aged 25 years. Mary wife of John Richardson who died at Whinfell 27th February 1877 aged 26 years. and Hannah who died at Appleby 27th Jany 1854 aged 7 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (E). The flower fadeth, the grass withereth. In memory of Frances the beloved daughter of the late George & Louisa Scott, who died at Appleby the 28th December 1870, aged 21 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (E). Anne, wife of William . Scott, clogger, Appleby, who died March Ist 1837, aged 32 years. , also Jane their daughter~who died an infant, also Charles, son of the above William . Scott and Mary his 2nd wife, who died November .3rd 1841, aged 14 m., also Ann their daughter who died February l0th, 1849, aged 2 years.

Askham (S). In Memory of Margaret Scott of Helton who died May 21st 1844 aged 56 years. Also of Margaret wife of Thomas Scott who died April 7th 1882 aged 60 years.

Barton (S. W). In loving memory William Scott who died at Hall Rigg, Plumpton January 21st 1875 aged 60 years. Also of Anne his wife who died at Penrith, Oct. 20th 1885 aged 73 years. They sleep in Jesus. Also of Joseph Watson infant, Their grandson who d. at Pooley April 25th 1875.

Brough (S), In Memory of James Scott of Brough, who died February 27 1863 aged 50 years.

Heversham (E. altar tomb). In memory of Margaret, Wife of Thomas Scott of Heversham died 28th January 1771 aged 49 years. Also of Thomas Scott of Heversham died 20th May 1802. aged 81y. Also of Elizabeth, Wife of Joseph Singleton of Lancaster died in child-bed l0th of August 1783 Aged 33 years. Also of her Infant Joseph Who Left this World 7 Weeks after his fatal Birth. Also Edward Suart of Leasgill who died Febr. 24th, 1854 Aged 97 years.

Heversham (E. altar tomb). In memory of Mary, wife of John Scott of Greenhead who departed this life 21st. July 1863, aged 64 years. , also of the above John Scott who died at Rawsons, Lyth, December . 6th, 1874 aged 74 years.

Kendal (E). E. Symonds 1814. Elizabeth Scott 1816, Joice Scott, 1831. (Mr. Jennings).

Kirkby Lonsdale (E). In. m. Thomas Scott of the King's Arms Hotel, Kirkby Lonsdale who died January 6th 1865 aged 60 years. Also William eldest son of the above who died May 25th 1866 aged 34 years. Also Leonard second son who died January 21st 1874 aged 40 years.

Kirkby Lonsdale (N. stone edging). To born m. Thomas the youngest son of Thomas and Agnes Scott of this town who died April 12th 1882 aged 31 years. also of Agnes mother of the above-named Thomas Scott who died December . 8th 1886 in her 79th years.

Kirkby Thore (S. W). Erected in m. Margaret Scott of Penrith who died 30 of April 1829 aged 82 years. she died an affectionate parent and a friend to the poor. This stone was erected by her son Edward Scott of Penrith. Also William Titterington her grandson, and son of John and Jane Titterington died February 18, 1831 aged 5 years.

Lowther I.H.S. Sacred memory of Thomas Kilner of London who died September 9th 1867 aged 49 years. This memorial is erected as a tribute of esteem by his friend John Scott.

Lowther (Loose in Vestry and in two Pieces, 1886). A la memoire de John Scott contremaitre chez Memory of Memory of Buddicom et Cie. Décédé le ii Juillet 1850 Agè de 32 Ans. Ses ouvriers rcconnaissants.

Lowther S. m. Mary Ann Scott widow of John Scott of Lancaster and eldest daughter of the late Joseph Mawson who died at Lowther March 7th 1867 aged 45 years. Also of Joseph Thomas Scott eldest son of the above who died at Newcastle-on-Tyne March 16th 1863 aged 17 years.

Lowther S. m. Mary Kilner Scott who died February 13th 1831 aged 63 years. Also of her Friend Ann widow of the late Thomas Kilner of Bampton who died November . 28th 1859 aged 70.

Orton (N) . In affectionate remembrance of Isabel Scott wife of Robert Scott of Orton who died January 8th 1866 aged 81 years. Also of the above-named Robert Scott who died January 27th 1873 aged 86 years. Also of John Scott their son who died at Oddendale 4th November 1880 aged 69 years. I. Scott.

Shap (N.E). Sacred memory of Margaret the beloved wife of Michael Scott of Oddendale who died July 23rd 1877 aged 45.

Shap S. Memory of Near this place lie the remains of Margaret Wife of Jonathan Scott of Swindale who departed this life January 1st 1791 aged 67 years. She was a dutiful Wife, an affectionate Parent, and a sincere Christian. Also here lieth the Body of the above-named Jonathan Scott who died at Burneside near Kendal May 19th 1806 in the 86 years. of his age. Also Jonathan Scott, Esq., of Watermillock, their son who. died January 31st l838 in the 86 years. of his age.