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Found 15 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Askham (S. With 2 Brasses on stone). 1, Underneath lies interred Thomas Bowman of Askham who departed this life February 3rd 1799 Aged 65 years. Also Margaret Ritson his first wife who died May 4th 1773 aged 37 years. And Mary their daughter who died September . 2nd 1780 Aged 18 years. Death no respect of Age or Order makes, But child or Parent undistinguish'd takes. Oh! be prepared then all of every age, Warn'd or unwarn'd, to quit this troubled stage. God's gracious Promise in his Rest to dwell Is not to live long but doing well. 2, In Memory of William Bowman of Askham who died April 28th 1829 aged 58 years. Also Ann the wife of William Sisson who died December . I4th 1827 aged 33 years. Also Deborah the wife of Richard Sutton who died June 24th 1829 aged 23 years. Also Jane Bowman who died March 30th 1831 aged 26 years. Also Edmund Bowman who died February 21st 1833 aged 26 years. Also Deborah Bowman died at Forest Hill June 30th 1856 aged 84 years. Also Richard Bowman died at Tycooly, Ireland, September . 26th 1871 aged 58 years. (Other side) Remember now as you go-by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now so must you be, Prepare then for Eternity. "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement." Hebrews ix, 27. To Die! The Christian does not die – Who lives to Christ alone, But lives eternally, Through what his Saviour's done.

Askham (W). Erected in Memory of Sarah Sisson who died December the 24th 1844 aged 54 years.

Barton (S). Here lies the body of William Sisson of Seat who departed this life April the 18 1758 aged. . .

Barton (S. W). Sacred memory of William Sisson of Ellerbeck, born July 15th 1777, died May 4th 1840. Ann Bowman wife of the above William Sisson, born Feb: 18th 1793, died Dec : l4th 1827, Mary Ann Sisson third daughter of the above, born Janry 28th 1820, died May 7th 1837, Ann Sisson second daughter of the above, born Oct.8th 1817, died April 11th 1844 and buried at Speen near Newbury, Berks. William Bowman Sisson last surviving son of the above, born Jany 1st 1824, died Oct: 27th 1860, and buried at Speen near Newbury, Berks.

Barton (S. W). Here lieth the body of Edward Walker of Sharrow who departed this life the 30th day of April 1762 aged 77 years. , also Dorothy his wife who died the 7th day of May 1759 aged 77 years. Near this place lieth Ann & Mary their granddaughters, ye daughters of William & Jane Sisson of Thwaitehill who was (sic) buried the 4th day of September 1763, Ann aged 14 years. & Mary 10.

Dufton (E). In affectionate remembrance of Annie Gregson the beloved wife of John Sisson of Dufton, who died May 19th 1873 aged 49 years.

Heversham (N). In affectionate remembrance of James Sisson of Leasgill who died January 5th, 1875 aged 78 years. also of Margaret his wife who died December 12th, 1871 aged 79 years. also of Christable, their daughter who died May 27th, 1848 aged 16 years.

Kendal (E). Sacred memory of Joseph Sisson who died November . 30th 1838 aged 75 years. , also of Ann his wife who died February 24th 1848 aged 84 years.

Orton (S.) Sacred memory of Jane P. Sisson who died February 26,1856 aged 14 years. In robes of innocence and love Her virgin soul is drest; And all the angel hosts above Rejoice to see her blest.

Orton (In. choir N. Brass). In loving memory John Septimus Sisson B.A. a faithful minister of Christ and Vicar of Orton for 33 years. Esteemed and loved by his parishioners he entered into rest Augt. 20th 1882 aged 60 years. The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance. - Psalm xii. 6. This tablet was erected by his nephew Theodore A. Sisson son of the Reverend . Michael Sisson, Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Orton (N). In memory of John Septimus Sisson B.A. a native of Orton who did faithful service in this parish as Master of the Grammar School of Tebay 4 years. as Curate 2 years. and as Vicar 33 years. always abounding in the work of the Lord. He lived in the hearts of his parishioners and died in peace August 20th 1882 aged 60 years. How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things. - Rom. x. 15. J. S. S. 1882.

Orton (N). Sacred memory of William and Jane Sisson and their deceased children. William Sisson born January 12th 1780 died February 17th 1841. Jane his Wife born November 5th 1785d. April 5th 1853; their children, Thomas born February 14th 1812 died November 18th 1820, Elizabeth born June 2nd 1816 died June 16th 1816, Eleanor born November 11th 1824 died February 10th 1837, James born Oct. 22nd 1819 died February 9th 1868, Redman, Vicar of Corsenside born 1829 died 1878, John Septimus Sisson Vicar of this parish born 1822 died 1882, Michael Sisson 47 years. Incumbent of Moulton Chapel and Chaplain of Spalding Union House born 17th February 1808 died at Spalding 4th April 1885. J.S. E.S. W.S.

Orton (S. cross). In loving memory William Holme second son of the late Redman Sisson Vicar of Corsenside. B. 1871 died 1878. Thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.

Orton (W. altar tomb). Sacred memory of Charles eldest son of William Stanley of Masbro' Yorkshire and a Contractor on the Lancaster & Carlisle Railway who was killed by a wagon running over him on the 16th August 1846 near South Lime Bridge on the above railway, aged 21 years. Also of William Stanley father of the above Charles who died 18th November 1851 aged 55 years. Also of Ann the wife of William Stanley who died the 11th March 1859 aged 55 years. Weep not for us our children dear, We must lie here till Christ appear, And at his coming hope to have A joyful rising from the grave. Also Mary the wife of Thomas Stanley of Cross Keys Inn, Tebay, and daughter -in-law of the above who died June 27th 1872 aged 41 years. Also of the above-named Thomas Stanley of Cross Keys Inn, Tebay, who died at the Force, Sedgwick, 8th April 1876 aged 45 years.

Orton (N. Bust). Thy will be done. In memory of Hannah wife of John Waugh of High Scales who died Junc 13th 1854 aged 64 years. Also of Hannah Maria daughter of John & Hannah Sisson of Tebay and grand-da. of the above, who died Oct. 9th 1872 aged 5 m. Also of the above-named John Waugh who died 13th November 1880 aged 84 years. Also of Anne Sisson grand-da. of the above, who died 8th August l878 aged 22y.