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Found 11 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Barton ARUNDEL, PERCY, LUCY, DACRE, LOWTHER, LANCASTER, STRICKLAND, THRELKELD, MACHELL, MORESBY ORPHEUR, CRACKENTHORPE. (Over the communion table were 5 rows of shields, 7 in a row,) Arms &c. now disappeared. (N. & B.I. 405.)

Heversham (N). In memory of Thomas Strickland of Milton Moor who departed this life July 22nd, 1867 aged 62 years. . Also of Ann Strickland, Sister of the Above, who died May 30th, 1861 aged 70 years. Also of Isabella Strickland who died at Leasgil1 October 12th 1876 aged 53 years. Also of John Hobkin Strickland who died at Leasgill July 23rd, 1881 aged 71 years.

Kendal (Strickland chapel). Sacred memory of William Philip Strickland Esqr. of Sizergh, Captn. in the 82nd Regt. Who died at St. Domingo, the 18th of September 1795. A Sincere Friend and Affectionate Brother. (Brought hither by Mr. W. C. Strickland, from a barn at Standish).

Kendal (Strickland chapel, window). Arms with lambrequin gu. (?). sa. 3 escallops within border engrailed ar. Crest, over Esquire's helmet, full topped hol1y tree ppr. (and on Scroll) Motto, Sans Mal. A.D. 1863:

Kendal (E. window in 1626 No. 1. Whitaker; Nos..I, 11, & 111 in Strickland Chapel, 1664, Dugdale Coll. Arms C. 39, 2nd Cal. l0b). Arms, 1. 41y. 1 & 4 ar. fess dancette between 8 billets sa.. (Deincourt) ; 2 & 3, sa. 3.escallops ar. (Strickland). II. 41y. 1, Strickland ; 2, Deincourt ; 3, blank; 4, gu. fess ar. (. . . . . . ). 111. gu. garb. or, in chief a fleur de lis of 2nd in crescent ermine between two Esquire's helmets ppr. (Cholmeley).

Kendal (Strickland chapel, altar tomb). Arms, 1. 41y. 1 & 4, fess dancette between 9 billets 4 & 5 (Deincourt). 2 & 3 escallops (Strickland). I I. The same (but not repeating) impa1ing on saltire, mallet pierced (Nevil1e).

Kendal (Strickland chapel, floor). Caecilia Strickland 1814.

Kendal (Stricklandchapel, E). Sacred memory of Charles Strickland of Sizergh, who died at Sizergh, October 6th 1770 aged 36y. and of Jarrad Strickland of Kenda1 who d. March 23rd 1795 and of Cæcilia, daughter of William Towneley of Towneley, wife of the above Charles Strickland, and afterwards of Jarrard Strickland, she d. at Sizergh June 28th 1814 aged 73 years. & of Thomas Strickland Standish, son of the above Charles and Cæcilia, Who died at York December 4th 1813, and is buried in Standish Church. Requiescant in pace, in memoriam veneratam parentum communium Thomas atque Jarrarardus Strickland Posuerunt A.D. 1829.

Kendal (In. brass, N. Bellingham chapel). Nigh to this pillar lies ye Body of Mrs. Frances Strickland, late Wife to Mr. John Strickland of Strickland,† & da. to Edward Backhouse of Morland Esq. She was Born 1690 “ Marry’d 24th June 1708 “ Bury’d 1725 Emblem of Temporal Good, The Day that gave Her Birth & Marr'age saw Her in the Grave Wing'd with its native Love her Soul took flight, To Boundless Regions of Eternal Light. * Round the ceiling of this chapel are 4 shields with Arms, I, & II. Strickland with border (as above). III. 4ly, I & 4 Deincourt; 2 & 3, Strickland. IV. The same (but died and S. not repeated 41y). impaling Neville. On the screen enclosing half the chapel are the Strickland arms with border. †The word Strickland is evidently a contraction of, or an error for Strickland- gate. The "brass" previous to 1850-2 was affixed to the large angular pillar (north) which bounds the chapel. (Mr. Jennings).

Kendal (E). In memory of Betty, wife of John Thompson, of the Lound, Kendal, who died March l0th 1838 aged 60 years. Also of their Eldest daughter Agnes Strickland, who died February 5th 1837 aged 33 years. Also of their daughter Jane who died in infancy.

Lowther (in. N. Transept, brass). Magistratus indicat virum. Henry Earl of Lonsdale, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of Westmoreland & Cumberland, Colonel of the Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry Cavalry, Hon: Colonel of the Royal Cumberland Militia, Hon: Colonel of the Cumberland Volunteers, late Captain in the 1st Life Guards. Rep. Westmoreland in Parliament 25 years. B. Mar: xxvii A.D. mdcccxviiiD. Aug: xv A.D. mdccclxxvi. To whose beloved memory, the best of husbands and fathers and the most upright of gentlemen, this monument is erected by his wife. The memory of the just is blessed. (This is on either side of a full length figure, full face, in uniform of the 1st Life Guards, holding the helmet in the right hand; being a portrait of Henry Lord Lonsdale. Mr. Grump). Two shields of Arms (above), 1. or. 6 annulets 3, 2, I, sa. (Lowther) (with ulster badge). 2. Lowther impaling barry of 10 ar. & gu. on canton of 2nd lion passant guardant or (Caulfeild). Also 2 medallions each containing 5 small shields. On 1st medallion are I. Lowther (with ulster badge); II. Sa. 3 escallops within bordure engrailed ar. (Strickland); III. Gu. 3 lucies hauriant or (Lucy); IV. Ar. lion rampant sa. (Stapleton); V. Erm. on canton az. cross calvary or, (Quaile). On 2nd medallion, I. Sa.3 covered cups ar. (Warcop); II. Sa. 3 martlets volant ar. (Coll. Arms C. 39, 15 born ); III. Ar. 2 bars gu. on canton of 2nd, mullet of the field (Lancaster of Sockbridge); IV. Ar.3 bugle horns sa. (Bellingham); V. Ar. chevron gu. between 3 torteaux (Sherard).