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Found 10 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Asby (S). We live to die and die to live again. Sacred memory of John Faint of Water Houses, who died April 5th, 1809, Aged 59 years. Also of Mary his Daughter who died Aug. 2Sth, 1808, Aged 29 Yrs. This Stone is erected at the Request of his Daughter Agnes, Wife of John Beck who departed this life April 25th, 1816, Aged 30 years. What tho' in this Vale of tears Our sorrows may abound And for afflictions mortal stroke No cure can here be found. Our Life is hid with Christ in God, When Christ our Life appears His people he'll with glory crown And wipe away their tears. Also Isabella wife of John Faint, who died October 3, l836, aged 84 years.

Kendal (W). In Memory of Miles Beck, late of Natland who died October 14th, 1780, Aged 60, also of John Beck his Son, who died August 14th, 1784, Aged 37. Also of Agnes Dickinson, his daughter who died November 9th, 1804, Aged 47. Also of John Dickinson, his Son in Law, who died January 2nd, 1807, Aged 56. Also of Martha, Widow of Miles Beck who died November8th, 1810, Aged 86. Also of Margaret their daughter , who died April 28th. 1811, Aged 46. Also of Emma their daughter who died November 23d, 1818, Aged 73. Also of Thomas, son of Thomas Beck, who d. May 7th, 1818, Aged 26. Also of Walter Beck of London, their son, who died January 6th, 1819, Aged 59. Also of Thomas Beck of Kendal, their Son, who died February 1st, 1819, Aged 66. Also of William Beck, their Son who died and was Buried in the Isle of Delos, Africa, June 1791, Aged 36. Also of Miles Beck of Preston in Lancashire, their Son, who died January 13th 1821, Aged 70.

Orton (S. Brass on stone). In memory of George Beck who died on the 6th day of April 1836 in the 90th years. of his age.

Ravenstonedale (W). I.H.S. In l. m Ann daughter of Robert and Mary Beck who died at Dubbs on the 8th day of April 1873 aged 17 years.

Ravenstonedale (W). In memory of Christopher Beck of Artlegarth who died March 27th 1849 aged 69 years. Also of Nancy his Wife who died March 8th 1852 aged 67 years.

Ravenstonedale (W). Sacred memory of Edward Beck of Coat Gill in the parish of Orton who died August 28, 1836 aged 60. Also of Ann eldest daughter of the above who died at Dubbs in this parish May 7, 1812 aged 7 years. Also of Mary his wife who died at Ravenstonedale January l0th 1855 aged 73 years.

Ravenstonedale (W). In affectionate remembrance of John Beck of Langdale in the parish of Orton born August 4th 1803 died May 13th 1884 aged 80 years. Also of Ann his wife who died April 28th 1862 aged 51 years. Also of Mary daughter of the above who died December 19th 1859 aged 13 years. & 9 m. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord for they rest from their labours and their works do follow them."

Ravenstonedale (S). Erected by his surviving widow to the memory of John Beck of Cocklake in the Parish of Orton, yeoman, who died March l0th 1870, aged 51 years. And of their deceased children John who died in infancy A.D. 1846. John who also died in infancy A.D. 1847. Ann born July 13th 1849 died October 1st 1849.

Ravenstonedale (W). Sacred memory of Richard Beck ot Sandwath who died 28th May 1865 aged 83 years. Also of Margaret wife of the above who died 14th November 1868 aged 83 years. Also of Elizabeth daughter of the above who died 30th April 1819 aged 3 years. Also of Elizabeth daughter of the above who died 25th February 1833 aged 7 years. Also of Robert son of the above who died 26th February 1833 aged 2 years. Also of Mary daughter of the above who died 6th March 1837 aged 25 years. Also of Ann daughter of the above who died 22nd July 1840 aged 12 years. And of Richard son of the above who died in London 30th October 1856 aged 33 years. and was interred in Kensal Green Cemetery. Crest – Eagle's head, erased and vulned, thereon fess indented, between two wings, each charged with 3 besants.

Ravenstonedale (On painted board in church). John Bousfield, Edward Beck, Joseph Hunter, John Shearman, Churchwardens. 1747.