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Found 8 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Asby (E). Erected in m. James Wright Fairer who died June 19th, l863, aged 36 years. Also Elizabeth his Widow who died June 29th, 1863, aged 29 years. (Other side). Erected in m. John Fairer (Townend) who died December 24,1856, aged 87 years. , and Jane his wife who died November 22, 1848, aged 68 years. Also Jane their daughter who died May 5th, 1818, aged 4 years. , Joseph Wright who died March 10th, l861, aged 79 years. , and Agnes his wife who died March 29th, 1860, aged 74 years.

Asby (E). Erected in m. John Fairer of Well Green, Asby, who died May 23rd, 1862, Aged 77 years. And of Margaret his wife who died 1st September 1877, Aged 82 years. Also of their Daughters, Agnes who died 9th May, 1850, Aged 28 years. Margaret who died 29th September . 1855, Aged 28 years. Sophia who died 4th April, 1864, Aged 29 years. And of their Son Mark who died 19th October l877, Aged 58 years. (Other side). Erected in m. Thomas Fairer of Well Green, Asby, who died December 27th, 1816, Aged 48 years. And of Mary his Wife who died February 19th, 1799, Aged 33 years. Also of Mark Tuer who died February 19th, l839, Aged 86 years. And of Agnes his Wife who died February 25th. 1832, Aged 76 years.

Asby (W). S. in Memory of Joseph Fairer, Yeoman, who died July 18th, 1831, Aged 56 years. He was a truly honest upright man, and respected by all who knew him. Also of Agnes his wife who died April 28th, 1871, aged 87 years. Also of John son of the above who died April 7th, 1877, Aged 68 years. Also of Robert Fairer died 11th June, 1881, aged 67 years. Also Ann daughter of the above and wife of Isaac Ewin of Burrells, who died 10th January 1884, aged 76 years.

Asby (E). I. h. s. In affectionate remembrance of Joseph Fairer who died January 3rd, 1873, aged 84 years. , also of Mary his wife who died May 23rd, 1862, aged 75 years. , also of Ruth wife of Thomas their son who died April 9th, 1881, aged 52 years.

Asby (.S Aisle, S). Sacred memory of William Fairer who died 4th May, 1811, Aged 79 years. Also Ann his Wife who died 14th November, 1811, aged 77 years. Also Joseph Fairer who died (at West Ham in Essex), 13 January, 1824, aged 90 years. The said William and Joseph Fairer were Natives of Asby, founded and endowed the Almshouse upon the Well Green, In the years. 1812.

Shap In loving memory Joseph Fairer who died June 5th 1888 aged 71 years.

Warcop "There were only 2 windows in Warcop church which had stained glass in Mr. Machell's time, one next the porch having ar.3 stirrups which I think was very likely put up by ye Fairers of Warcop Tower. " Hill MSS. 7. p. 448.

Warcop (E.) Erected January 10th 1857 In memory of Nanny Fairer wife of William Fairer of Warcop who died March 4th 1812 aged 31 years. Also of John Jessett Fairer his son, corporal in H.M. 14th Light Dragoons who died at Urmo-Suddoo, on March from Ferozopore to Lahore. East India, Augst. 18th 1848 aged 25 years. In the midst of Life we are in Death. Also William Fairer above named who died December 31st 1859 aged 69 years. And Mary his relict who died November . 24th 1860 aged 64 years. Thy will be done.