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Found 7 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Asby (E). In Memory of Robert Fenton who died I. March 6th, 1872, aged 38 years. Also Nancy his daughter who died February 12th, 1866, aged 1 years. and 10 m. Lord what is life, 'tis like a flower That blossoms and is gone, We see it flourish for an hour With all its beauty on, But death comes like a wintry day And cuts the pretty flower away

Brough (S. Wall). In Memory of Reverend James Fenton, Curate of Stainmore whose Stri . . . and Piety made his death full of Hope and Comfort . . . himself but Afflicting his Friends. And Te . . . publick Loss . . . Dec . . . 1780 aetat 56. (James Fenton buried 5 December 1780. Parish Register )

Brough (S). Sacred memory of the Reverend . John Mason Fenton, Curate of Stainmore who died April l0th 1836 Aged 77 years. Also his sister Jane Sayer who died October 19th 1836 aged 74 years.

Kendal F(ENTON). (W). C.F. 1808. P.F. 1825., Memory of F. 1802. A.F.1802. A.F. 1803 (5).

Kendal (In. W. formerly over N. aisle door). Sacred memory of Christopher Fenton who died l November 1808 Aged 84. " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." He was Senior Alderman of this Burgh 20 years, and served the Office of Mayor four Times with Zeal and Fidelity. Also of Barbara his Wife, who died 28 November 1796 Aged 74. Also of Miles Fenton who died September . 1809, Aged 82. Also of Agnes, Wife of Cr. Fenton Junr. who died 24 May 1804 Aged 29, & her two Children Agnes Aged 3 years. and Christopher an amiable Youth who died in Liver- pool 5 Oct. 1811, Aged 14. Near this place are also Interred the Remains of Elizabeth only daughter of the above Christopher Fenton who departed this life the 19th day of February 1829 in the 76 years. of her Age. Arms, ar cross fimbriated between 4 fleurs de lis. Crest, out of Eastern crown, arm embowed holding dagger.

Kendal (In. N. floor). Elizabeth Fenton. .

Long Marton (N) . Sacred memory of Robert Fenton, third son of the late Reverend John Fenton, Rector of Ousby, who died April 19th 1865 aged 54. " The Lord is very pitiful and of tender mercy." James ch. 5, v. II. " Pray without ceasing."