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Found 5 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Asby (E. 4 headstones and rail). |H.P.G.| |H. G.| |E.G.| |M.G.| (i.e., Guy).

Asby (In. N) . Sacred memory of the Reverend Henry Guy who for 42 years. was Rector of this Parish. He was born in Ravenstonedale August 30th, 1798, and died January 10th, 1875, aged 77 years. Also of Elizabeth his wife, daughter of the late James Park, of Asby Hall, and Lord of the Manor of Asby Coatsforth, she died March 15th, 1877, aged 82 years. Also of Margaret their daughter who died March 24th, 1877, aged 60 years. Also of Henry Park their son who died February 18th, 1884, aged 53 years. “My flesh shall rest in hope." PSALM 16-9.

Kendal (E). In memory of John Guy late of Garths, Hut ton le Hay, who died September 17, 1790 Aged 32, also of Mary his daughter who died October 27, 1794 Aged 4, and of Isabella Guy his Mother who died August 2, 1809 Aged 78. Also of Mary Huddlestone who died June 12, 1838 Aged 77 years. also Thomas Burra formerly of Watters near Shap who died September lst 1838 aged 53 years. also Margaret his wife who died May 11th 1854, aged 64 years.

Kendal In. brass, Bellingham chapel E. formerly on 4th pillar, 2nd aisle S. Mr. Nicholson's Annals). To The Memory Of The Most Religious, & Orthodox Christian, The most Loyal Subject, & most ancient & Serviceable Member of this Corporation, whereof He was once Alderman, and thrice Maior : William Guy of Water-Crook Gentleman, who dyed the twenty-fifth day of December In the Year of Our Lord MDCLXXXIII His Age LXXXVI Had Loyalty been Life, Brave Guy, thou' Than Stood Kendall's Everlasting Alderman, Nay, could the joynte united force of All That's good or vert'ous over death prevaile Thy life's pure thre'd noe Time or Fate could sever And thou'dst still Liv'd to pray, King live for Ever But thou art ~one ; A proof such Vertue is Too Good for Earth, And onely fit for Bliss, And blissful Seats; Where, if bless'd Spirits doe Concern themselves with any thing below Thy pray'r's the same, Thou still do'st Supplicate For Charles his Life, For England's Church, & State, Whil'st to Thy just Eternal memory, Envy & Malice must in this Agree, None better Lov'd, or Serv'd, his Prince than Thee.

Ravenstonedale (W). In loving remembrance John Guy of Ravenstonedale who died April 19th 1879 aged 83 years. Also of Mary his wife who died August 1st 1862 aged 56 years. and of James their son who died December 19th 1864 aged 38 years. But man dieth & wasteth away; yea, man giveth up the ghost, and where is he?–Job, chap. 14th, verse 10.