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Found 12 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (S. W). Sacred memory of Elizabeth the wife of Richard Teasdale, who died I. the 5th day of August 1828, aged 39 years. Also four of their children who died in their infancy, viz: Mary Teasdale aged 5 m., Richard Bainbridge Teasdale aged 12 m., Elizabeth Teasdale aged 9 m., Mary Ann Teasdale aged 14 m. Also the above-named Richard Teasdale who died February 19th 1835, aged 73 (?) years.

Appleby St Lawrence (S. W). Obiit Thomas Teasdale of Colby June the 7th 1784, aged 84. Isable, (sic) wife of Thomas Teasdale, died February the 24th, 1795, 8(7).

Appleby St Lawrence (S. W). To the memory of Thomas Teasdale of Colby, who died I. on the 20th July 1822, aged 73 years. Also Isabella Graham, Daughter of the above who died I. May 17th 1825, aged 40 years. Also Alice Teasdale who died I. February 6th, 1827, aged 28 years. William Teasdale died April 22nd, 1835, aged 39 years. Also Betty, widow of the above Thomas Teasdale died March 14th 1845, aged 80 years. Hannah Corrie their daughter, who died July 5th, 1854, aged 49 years.

Asby (S). To Memory of Jane the wife of John Teasdale of Slaley in the County of Northumberland, and daughter of the late Robert Jackson of Whygillhead, who d. October 7th, 1852, aged 42 years. Her end was peace.

Askham (N). In memory of John Teasdale who died at Thrimby Grange, Augt. 13th 1867 aged 33 years.

Dufton (E). Sacred memory of Mary Ann the beloved wife of Thomas Teasdale of Dufton, who died July 12th 1873 aged 69 years. , also the above Thomas Teasdale who died June l0th, 1880 in his 76th years.

Dufton (S). In memory of Thomas Teasdale of Dufton who died November 11, I823 aged 57 years. , Mary his wife who died April 5, 1823 aged 54 years. , also John their son who died May 29 1835 aged 32 years. , also Margaret Hodgson their daughter who died in North Carolina, North America, April 21, 1843 aged 37 years.

Kendal (W. altar tomb). In Memory of Hugh Teasdale, who died October 22, 1787 Aged 61, and of Mary, his wife who died April 12, 1776, Aged 50, also of Mary, their Da. who died October 24, 1781 aged 21, Ann, their daughter who died April 2, 1786 Aged 21, Hugh their Son who died July 25, 1790 Aged 19, and James, their Son, who died December 11, 1794, Aged 36, and of the Infant Son of James Teasdale. Also of Jane relict of the above James Teasclale, who died March 14th 1825 Aged 63 years. And of their daus. Mary Teasclale, who died June 26th 1835 Aged 45 y. And Elizabeth, wife of W. C. Brumwell, who died August 21st 1836 Aged 44 years. Also of Jane Eliza infant daughter of W. C. & E. Brumwell, who died February . 1824. Also in m. Francis and Henry, Twin-Sons of James Teasdale, and Jane Brumwell, born June 1st died June 5th and 15th 1855.

Kirkby Thore (S.) "In the midst of Life we are in Death." I.H.S. In loving memory Thomas Teasdale of Kirkby Thore who died December . 5th 1883 aged 67 years. (Space). Also of John son of the above who died Augt. 26th 1871 aged 20 years.

Shap In memory of Elizabeth the beloved wife of Robinson Teasdale of Rosgill Head who died January 7th 1877 aged 34 years. Also Margaret daughter of the above who died April 14th 1876 aged 4 years. Also Matthew son of the above who died December 1st 1876 aged 1 years. & 8 m. Also of George Matthew son of the above, died April 7th 1877 aged 3 m.

Shap In In. George Teasdale of Rosgill who died on the 3rd of February, 1881 aged 78 years. And of Margaret his wife who died 7th December 1864 aged 60 years. Also Sarah Ann Teasdale their daughter who died 13th May 1833 aged 42 years.

Shap (E). In memory of Matthew Teasdale of Rosegill who died May 11, 1830 aged 71 years. Also of Margaret his daughter who died November . 25th 1818 aged 19. Also of his daughter Elizabeth who died June 20, 1822 aged 25. Also near this place lies the body of Thomas Birkett, his brother-in-law, who died August 28, 1820 aged 58. Also Mary Teasdale died October 6th 1831 aged 27. Also Margaret, wife of Matthew Teasdale, who died March 9th 1850 aged 79.