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Askham (W). In memory of Edward Clark of Widewath in this parish of Askham, Yeoman, who d. on the 19th day of March A.D. 1849 in the 70th years. of his age. He was a true churchman, a loyal subject, charitable to the poor, and a liberal promoter of the education of their children. Occubit in pace. In gloriâ resuscitetur.

Askham (W). In Memory of Joseph Clark of Askham, who died December 19th 1834 aged 75 years. Joseph their son do January 30th 1830 aged I years. and 8 m. Sarah their Daughter died April 1st 1836 aged I years. & 10 m. Thomas their son died May 22nd 1843 aged 17 years.

Askham (W). In I. Memory of Margaret Clark who died at Keld Head, Askham, January 24th 1885 aged 54 years.

Askham (N). To born m. William Clark who died I. February 25th 1871 aged 35 years. Also Arthur, son of the above died May 2nd 1871 aged 15 m. Beneath reposes what kind heaven did lend, The best of husbands, the father & the friend, His child also rests underneath this sod, A child to memory dear & dear to God.

Askham (W). Sacred memory of William Clark of Helton, who died May 14th 1870 aged 84 years. , & of Racheal (sic) His wife who died December 8th 1861 aged 64 years. Also of Mary their daughter, who died October 18th 1855 aged 32 years.

Askham (W). This Stone is erected to perpetuate the m. of William Clark of Widewath in this parish of Askham, yeoman, who died on the 22nd of August, 1818 in the 84th years. of his age. His life was exemplary, his death happy. May his virtues live in his surviving offspring. Also in remembrance of Eleanor Clark (55 years. the worthy wife and prudent widow of the above man) who died on the 7th of March 1835 aged 76y.

Beetham (S). In memory of Mary Ann, wife of William Barker of Slackhead who departed this life December 18th 1851 aged 38 years. " Remember now thy Creator In the days of thy youth." Ecc. xii. c. iv. " Trust ye in the Lord for ever. For in the Lord Jehovah is Everlasting strength." Isaiah xxvi. c. iv. v. Also of Mary Clark, Mother of the above who died December 7th 1855 Aged 84 years. “Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you do ye even so to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. St. Mattw. vii. c. xii; v.

Beetham (S). In Memory of Thomas Clark of Storth who departed this life on the 5th day of October 1818 Aged 58 years. Also of Ann Wife of the above Thomas Clark who departed this life on the 7th day of May 1852 Aged 96 years. Let those who survive take heed to their Ways and days, for if they hear not the Word of Truth neither will they be persuaded Though one rose from the dead. Also Captain Thomas Clark, Nephew of the above died December . 16th 1879 Aged 84.

Beetham (S). In Memory of John Sill of Slackhead who died June the 1st 1806 aged 24 years. Also of John Son of John and Agnes Clark of Slackhead, who died the 8th day of March 1815, aged 29 years. Esteemed and regretted by all who knew him.

Crosby Ravensworth (N). Here lieth Robert Clark of Thurgarton, Notts., late gardener at Flass House, who departed this life Oct. 6, 1860, in his 37th years. Jesus said, I am the vine, you are the branches, he that abideth in Me, and I in him the same bringeth forth much fruit. John 15.

Crosby Ravensworth (E). S.M. Sarah Clark of Appleby who died June 9th 1835 Aged 74 years. Also Sarah Agnes his daughter who died March 23rd 1836 aged 30 years. , also John Atkinson who died January 11th 1864 aged 67 years. , also of Mary Atkinson who died January 19th 1883 aged 80 years.

Grasmere (N). In In. James Backhouse of Rydal who died September . Ist 1866 aged 93 years. Also of Mally his wife, who died January 16th 1854 aged 80 years. And of their daurs Jane Clark who died September . 2nd 1854 aged 46 years. and Mary Dornan who died Sepr. 6th 1854 aged 50 years. Also of John Backhouse their son, who died May 3rd 1867 aged 70 years.

Heversham (E. altar tomb). Sacred memory of Benjamin Clark late of Milnthorpe, who died July 5th 1806 aged 9° years. , also of Isabella his widow who died January 25th 1807 aged 88 y.,and of Rachel their daughter who died March 25th 1848 aged 87 years.

Heversham (N). In memory of Joseph Clark, 8th Son of Richard and Hannah Clark of Whasset who died February the 17th 1859 Aged 23 years. Hannah, Mother of the above Joseph Clark died March 3rd 1865 Aged 77 years. Also of Richard, husband to the Above Hannah Clark, who died Sep- tember 1st 1867 Aged 85 years.

Kendal (N. E). In memory of Elizabeth Longhorne late of Highgate, Kendal, who died November 9, 1811 aged 44. Also Isabella her daughter , (Wife) of Simon Clark, Strickland Kettle, who died September 8, 1813 Aged 24.

Kirkby Lonsdale (W. column.) Sacred memory of Alice Clark, aged 31 y; Agnes Walling aged 25; Bella Cornthwaite, aged 20; Hannah Armstrong aged 18; Agnes Nicholson aged 17, all of whom were hurried into eternity, in the awful destruction by fire of the Rose and Crown Hotel in this town, on the night of the 6th of December 1820. (E. side). In the midst of life we are in death. Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God. Thou turnest man to destruction and sayest, return ye children of men. Thou carriest them away as with a flood, they are as a sleep in the morning, they are like grass which groweth up. In the morning it flourisheth and groweth up, in the evening it is cut down and withereth. Erected by voluntary contributions.

Kirkby Lonsdale (W). To the memory of John Clark of the Fleece Inn in this town who died October 2nd 1842 aged 33 years. And of Elizabeth relict of the above and wife of John Wearing who died February 16th 1850 aged 38 years. Also of Matthew infant son of John and Elizabeth Clark. Also of Annie Jenkinson, wife of the above John Wearing who died January 24th 1865 aged 56y.

Ormside (S). In memory of John Brass who died August 15, 1852 Aged 61 years. Jane his daughter who died March 16, 1860 aged 26 years. Thomas his son who died January 27, 1861 aged 18 years. Mary his daughter who died July 20, 1861 aged 21 years. Margaret Tiffin his daughter who died August 23, 1861 aged 31 years. John his son who died January 3, 1862 aged 24 years. Elizabeth Clark his daughter who died Oct. 11, 1871 aged 40 years. Alice Laidman his daughter who died December 12, 1874 aged 34 years. Elizabeth Brass his relict who died March 11, 1879 aged 78 years.

Orton (N). Sacred memory of Elizabeth, Wife of William Clark of Orton and fourth daughter of John and Agnes Cleasby of Raisbeck who died January 13th 1836 aged 66. Also of William Clark the Husband of Elizabeth Clark who died May 27th 1837 aged 65. Also of Isabel Clark who died Oct. 9th 1843 aged 76. Also of Jennet Clark who died October 7th 1846 aged 67. W.C. I.C.

Orton (N). In affectionate remembrance of the beld. Sons of Thomas and Elizabeth Clark, Park, Henry Hewitson Clark who departed this life on the 6th of August 1854 aged 13 years. Also John Clark who departed this life on the 5th of August 1854 aged 1 years. " They were lovely and pleasant in their lives and in their death they were not divided." - 2 B. of Sam. l ch. 23 v. Also of Thomas Alfred Clark who died December 19th 1865 aged 3 years. "He shall gather the Iambs with his arm & carry them in his bosom." Also of Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Clark who died 3 September 1886 aged 32 years. And of Thomas Willan son of Mark and Mary Ann Willan who died 17 September 1879 aged 24 years. And of Sarah Edith daughter of William and Fanny Moffat who died 7 December 1879 aged 6 years.

Shap (E.) In loving memory Thomas Clark, the Rockery, Shap, born November 15th 1806, died December 1st 1874. Also of Jane wife of the above, B. 31st July 1812, died 31 March 1880. " Thy will be done."

Shap (S. brass on stone). In memory of John Ebdell who died March 9th 1806 aged 86. Also Mary Ebdell his daughter lies near this place, who died April 20th 1769 aged 7 years. Also Frances Ebdell his wife who died April 13th 1817 aged 84 years. Also Mary Clark who died August 1st 1819 aged 85 years. Also Mary Clark who died Augt. 1st 1831 aged 61 years. Also Matthew Clark who died July 12th 1835 aged 60 years.

Warcop (S.) Sacred memory of John Clark of Warcop who departed life September . 3rd 1815 aged 49 years. Also Mary his wife who died March 11th 1831 aged 58 years. Also Mary his daughter September . 21st 1802 Aged 3 years. Also Martha his daughter March 28th 1802 aged 3 years. Also Margaret his daughter who died August 18th 1810 aged 17 years. (West side of stone). Also of Joseph Clark died April 20th 1865 aged 69 years. Also of Ann wife of the above named Joseph Clark who died July 11th 1868 aged 64 years. George Clark the son of Joseph and Ann Clark who died Dec: 15th 1847 aged 11 years.

Warcop (W.) In memory of Samuel Clark who died at Kendal-June 1st 1845 aged43 years. And was interred in Holy Trinity Churchyard. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died at Bleatarn Sept: 21st 1878 aged 76 years. and was interred here. Precious in the sight of the Lord are the Death (sic) of his saints. Ps: cxvi, xv.