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Found 5 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Askham (W., altar tomb). Sacred memory of J ohn Henderson of Askham, who died on the 24th day of December 1852 aged 59 years. John Henderson, son .of the above, died 13th Novr. 1828 aged 10 m. Also of Isabella his, wife who died May 25th 1870 aged 76 years.

Dufton (W). In memory of Alice, wife of the Reverend . Jos. R. Henderson. who died at Dufton rectory on the 15th January 1868 aged 83 years. "Thy will be done." The Reverend Jos. R, Henderson, Memory of A. formerly Chaplain of the Hon. E. India Company in Bengal; for above 20 years. Rector of Dufton who died 16th April 1870 aged 86 years.

Dufton (In. N). He that hath pity on the poor lendeth unto the Lord. 8th February. The Reverend Joseph Rawlins Henderson Memory of A. present Rector of Dufton has given In trust to the "official trustees of charitable funds" London, the sum of £500 stock in the 3 per cents, the interest to be remitted to the Rector of Dufton for the time being; and to be annually distributed by him on the 8th of February in equal shares among not less than 20 of the resident poor in the said parish at his sole discretion, obiit April 16, 1870 annos natus 86.

Shap (S.) In memory of John Henderson of Shap who died March 20th 1807 in the 60th years. of his age. Also or Robert his son who died July 5th 1787 age 2 years. Praises on Tombs are often vainly spent, An honest Man is his own Monument.

Shap (E.) In loving memory Mary, the beloved wife of Joseph Henderson, who died August 31st 1866, aged 34 years. Interred at Orton. Also of Alice, their beloved daughter who died July 7th 1888 aged 24 years.