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Found 3 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Askham (W). In memory of John Kirkbride of Helton, who died September .6th l849 aged 69 years. , also Emma Kirkbride his wife who died May 13th 1851 aged 67. years. Also Thomas Kirkbride their son who died May 18th 1830 aged 5 years. Also John Wilson Kirkbride their son who died August 8th 1871 aged 49 years.

Askham (W). In memory of Joseph Kirkbride of Helton who died February 6th 1840 aged 50 years. Go home, dear friends, pray shed no tears, I must be here till Christ appears, And at his coming hope to have A joyful rising from the grave. Also of Hannah Kirkbride, daughter of the above who died August 5th 1856 aged 23 years. Also of Isaac his son who died Jany 28th 1862 aged 24 years. Also of Mary Kirkbride who died at Penrith November 19th 1870 aged 42 years.

Askham (W). In Memory of Thomas Kirkbride of Helton who died April 9th 1850 aged 86 years. Also of Ann his wife who died Januarv 29th 1831 aged 70 years. Also of Thomas Kirkbride, grandson of the above who died September 12th 1855 aged 29 years.