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Found 3 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Askham "Arms were on the chapel at Askham . . . .supposed to be . . . .Swinburne (i. e. 3 boars' heads couped.) Humphrey Musgrave m. into the family." (Hill MSS., VI., 121).

Kendal (In. S. E). Arlns (on lozenge) ar. saltire gu. impaling per fess gu. & ar.3 cinquefoils counterchanged (Swinburne). Here lie the Remains of Isabella Crathorne, Widow of Thomas Crathorne Esquire of Crathorne In the county of York. Though left to deplore the loss Of an affectionate Husband At an age in which time Had scarcely diminished Th' attractions of her person She prefer'd The melancholy pleasure Of bearing his name To every solicitation Which press'd her to a second Union. Those pledges of their love Who lost in infancy A Father's care, When reason began to dawn Beheld in his faithful Relict A Parent Entitled to redoubled affection. A display of her amiable qualities From one Whom Nature had taught to love And mature reflexion to venerate her Might be Suspected Of fond exaggeration. To prevent This injustice to her memory He is silent with respect to her Virtues; And only testifies His sorrows For the loss of so excellent a Mother By his wish That her example May ev! ery day become less rare. She died 7th of april 1789 In the 53d years. of her age. Requiescat in pace. (Mr. Jennings' copy 1861. buried 1789 Ap. 21 Isabella C. of Stramongate, papist.

Windermere (W. low rail, Cross patée). + Teresa Swinburne B. December . 9, 1834, died February 24, 1835. Anna Antonia Swinburne B. Janr. 17, 1801, died Janr. 3, 1845. Owen Swinburne B. March 13, 1843, died May 19, 1845.