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Found 25 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (Choir). C. L. 1692. (Bp. Nic. Visit. 1703). [Buried 4 September Parish Register ]

Appleby St Lawrence Arms, or 6 annulets 3, 2, 1, sa. (Lowther). Hill MSS. I. 161, citing Machell.

Barton ARUNDEL, PERCY, LUCY, DACRE, LOWTHER, LANCASTER, STRICKLAND, THRELKELD, MACHELL, MORESBY ORPHEUR, CRACKENTHORPE. (Over the communion table were 5 rows of shields, 7 in a row,) Arms &c. now disappeared. (N. & B.I. 405.)

Barton (Over S. Porch). Arms 41y. 1. Lowther with Badge of Ulster ; 2. Lancaster; 3. on bend 3 roundles (Beauchamp of Cumberland ?) ; 4. 3 stags' heads cabossed (Hartsop).

Barton (S.W). In memory of John Lowther who died 18th October 1859 Aged 39y.

Lowther To the memory of Edward Blyth of Hackthorpe who died September 3rd 1845 aged 68 years. The deceased had been in the service of the late Sir John Lowther of Swillington, Baronet, and of his brother the late Earl of Lonsdale for the long period of fifty years. Also Elizabeth Blyth relict of the above who died January 13th 1866 aged 80 years.

Lowther In. S. Transept, pillar and urn ). Sacred memory of Lord William . Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck ivth son of William . H. Cavendish iiid Duke of Portland,Majr. Genl. in the Army, K.C.B, and Colonel of the lviii Regiment of Foot. With a zeal and an ardour that distinguished him in his profession he first sought employment in those countries where war was carried on; courage in action, patience under privation, a promptitude to share every fatigue & danger with his soldiers, ensured to him the love of all who were placed under his command; to his friends he was endeared by his singular frankness & simplicity of manner, his high sense of honor and affectionate disposition. He was born November . ii mdcclxxxi, Married Mary iiid daughter of William . Earl of Lonsdale, and died at Rome February x, mdcccxxviii after a long and painful illness endured with characteristic firmness and Christian resignation. Impressed with a grateful recollection of the happiness he had enjoyed at Lowther he expressed a wish in his latter moments that his remains might be deposited in this place: that he felt such a wish has mingled with the higher consolations of his afflicted widow, the tender assurance that the hours he passed here were among the happiest of his life, and in love and affection to the memory of her departed husband, and in pious hope that her infant son may hereby be incited to emulate the virtues of his father she has erected this monument. Arms, 41y. 1 & 4 az. cross rnoline ar. (Bentinck) 2 & 3 sa. 3 stag's heads caboshed ar, attired or (Cavendish) inmpaling or, 6 annulets, 3, 2, 1, sa. (Lowther). Crest of Cavendish, serpent nowed ppr. Insignia of the Bath. Motto, Craignez honte. Supporters, (dexter) lion double queued or. (sinister) lion double queued sa. & each charged with crescent, interchanged for distinction.

Lowther Here Iyeth the Body of Mr. Edward Hall late Master of the Horse to Sir James Lowther, Baronet, who departed this life the 9th day of May 1770 Aged 80.

Lowther (in. N. Transept, brass). Magistratus indicat virum. Henry Earl of Lonsdale, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of Westmoreland & Cumberland, Colonel of the Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry Cavalry, Hon: Colonel of the Royal Cumberland Militia, Hon: Colonel of the Cumberland Volunteers, late Captain in the 1st Life Guards. Rep. Westmoreland in Parliament 25 years. B. Mar: xxvii A.D. mdcccxviiiD. Aug: xv A.D. mdccclxxvi. To whose beloved memory, the best of husbands and fathers and the most upright of gentlemen, this monument is erected by his wife. The memory of the just is blessed. (This is on either side of a full length figure, full face, in uniform of the 1st Life Guards, holding the helmet in the right hand; being a portrait of Henry Lord Lonsdale. Mr. Grump). Two shields of Arms (above), 1. or. 6 annulets 3, 2, I, sa. (Lowther) (with ulster badge). 2. Lowther impaling barry of 10 ar. & gu. on canton of 2nd lion passant guardant or (Caulfeild). Also 2 medallions each containing 5 small shields. On 1st medallion are I. Lowther (with ulster badge); II. Sa. 3 escallops within bordure engrailed ar. (Strickland); III. Gu. 3 lucies hauriant or (Lucy); IV. Ar. lion rampant sa. (Stapleton); V. Erm. on canton az. cross calvary or, (Quaile). On 2nd medallion, I. Sa.3 covered cups ar. (Warcop); II. Sa. 3 martlets volant ar. (Coll. Arms C. 39, 15 born ); III. Ar. 2 bars gu. on canton of 2nd, mullet of the field (Lancaster of Sockbridge); IV. Ar.3 bugle horns sa. (Bellingham); V. Ar. chevron gu. between 3 torteaux (Sherard).

Lowther (In. N. Transept). Infra depositi sunt cineres Jacobi Lowther, Comitis de Lonsdale, Urbanitate morum, ingenii acumine, Judicii gravitate, Invictâ in rebus ardui, animi magnitudine, Constanti erga amicos fide, Et laudatissimo erga Regem optimum amore, Verè insignis. In Senatum Britannicum A primâ juventute cooptatus, Nihil majus antiquum habuit Quam ut Patriæ decus et utilitatem Pro virili parte promoveret. . Et suæ dignitati et posterorum commodis Optime consuleret. E vitâ decessit 24mo die Maii A.D. 1802 Æt: 66. Marmor hoc Gratissimæ observantiæ ergo Posuit Gulielmus Vicecomes de Lowther 1805.

Lowther (In. N. Transept, large white marble altar tomb, W. side). Sacred memory of William Lowther Earl of Lonsdale eldest son of Sir William Lowther of Swillington Baronet. He succeeded on the 20 June 1802 to the titles of Baron & Viscount Lowther, on the 7 April 1807 he was created Earl of Lonsdale and in the samey. a Knight of the Garter. When in House of Commons he represented the City of Carlisle and the County of Rutland and he was to his decease LordLieutenant of Cumberland and Westmorland. The elegance of his manners, thegoodness of his heart, the strength of his understanding, the integrity ofhis character, his high sense of honor and the strict performance of thevarious duties of the station to which it had pleased God to call himobtained for him the affection of his family, the attachment of his friends,and an extraordinary amount of public confidence and respect. He was theardent and zealous patron of men of genius and was the early and confidential friend of William Pitt. He was born on the 29 December 1757 andd. 19 March 1844 full of honors as of years, leaving a name embalmed in the memories of all good men. Arms (on either side of M I). Lowther (with Ulster badge) impaling az. 3 dexter gauntlets or (Fane). (E. side). Sacred memory of Augusta Countess of Lonsdale wife of William Earl ofLonsdale and daughter of John ixth Earl of Westmorland and of Augusta daughter of Lord Montague Bertie son of Robert Duke of Ancaster. Exemplary in the discharge of all the relative duties of life, endued with all the virtues, andembellished by all the graces which elevate and adorn the female character,She departed this life on the 6th March 1838 in the 77th years. of her age, beloved and lamented. Arms (on either side of M .I.); Lowther (with Ulster badge)impaling Fane.

Lowther (Hatchments). 1. (In. S. transept). Lowther, (with Crest, Supporters andViscount's coronet). 2. (In. N. transept). Lowther (with Ulster badge),impaling or fess chequy ar. and az. within double tressure flory counter flory gu. (Stuart) (with Earl's coronet and motto) (baron mort) 3.Lowther (with the Garter) and Lowther impaling Fane (with Earl's Coronet,and Supporters), (femme morte). 4. Lowther (with ribbon of Garter andUlster badge) and Lowther impaling Fane (with Earl’s Coronet, Crest, andSupporters), (baron et femme morts). 5. Lowther impaling Sherard (withCrest, Supporters, &c.), (baron et femme morts). 6. Lowther (with Ulsterbadge) impaling (Caulfeild) (with Earl's Coronet, Crest, Supporters, andMotto), (baron mort).

Lowther (In. S. wall). In Memory of Anne fourth daughter of William, Earl of Lonsdale, K.G.,and widow or the Right Hon. Sir John Beckett of Sowerby in the County ofLincoln, Bart. B. xiv December mdcclxxxvii, died viii November mdccclxxi.Psalm xxx, v. 4-5. Sing praises unto the Lord, O ye saints of his: and givethanks unto him for a remembrance of his holiness, for his wrath endurethbut the twinkling of an eye and in his pleasure is life, heaviness mayendure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Lowther (In. S. wall). In Memory of Anne fourth daughter of William, Earl of Lonsdale, K.G.,and widow or the Right Hon. Sir John Beckett of Sowerby in the County ofLincoln, Bart. B. xiv December mdcclxxxvii, died viii November mdccclxxi.Psalm xxx, v. 4-5. Sing praises unto the Lord, O ye saints of his: and givethanks unto him for a remembrance of his holiness, for his wrath endurethbut the twinkling of an eye and in his pleasure is life, heaviness mayendure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Lowther (In, N. transept, brass). In memoriam Arthur Lowther second son of the Honourable Henry Cecil Lowther and Lucy Eleanor his wife. He served in the Rifle Brigade and 6th (Inniskillen) Dragoons, born 12 July 1820, died 15 February 1855, buried at Kensal Green, London. Arms, Lowther (with crescent on crescent for difference) with Crest, &c.

Lowther (In. S.) In Memory of Elizabeth second daughter of William Earl of Lonsdale K.G., B.1 September mdcclxxxiv, died xii February mdccclxix. I have set God alwaybefore me; for He is on my right hand, therefore I shall not fall, Whereforemy heart was glad, and my glory rejoiced, my flesh also shall rest in hope,for why? Thou shalt not leave my soul in hell, neither shalt thou sufferthy Holy One to see corruption. Thou shalt shew me the path of life; in thypresence is the fullness of joy, and at thy right hand there is pleasure forevermore.

Lowther (In. S.) In memory of Colonel the Honorable Henry Cecil Lowther second son of William Earl of Lonsdale, K.C.B. xxvii July mdccxc, died vi December mdccclxvii, and of his wife Lady Lucy Eleanor Sherard eldest daughter of Philip -Fifth Earl of Harborough, B. xx May mdccxcii, died viii Junemdcccxlviii.

Lowther (In. N. transept, brass). To Memory of Colonel the Honourable Henry Ceil Lowther second son of William first Earl of Lonsdale and Augusta his wife born 27 July1790, died 6th December . 1867. He served in the 7th Light Dragoons in thePeninsular War under Sir John Moore and in the army of occupation in Franceunder the Duke of Wellington. He was Colonel of the Roya1 Cumberland Militia and represented the County of Westmorland in Parliament 55 years. , dying"father of the House of Commons." Arms, Lowther (with crescent fordifference), Crest of Lowther, Helmet, Mantling, and Motto.

Lowther (In. S. transept, with 2 busts and ornaments). In memoriam consultissimiviri Johannis Lowther Equitis Aurati Serenissimæ Regiæ Majestatis aconsiliis apud Septentrionales Inter quos diu Fœliciter vixit Nec minusFauste Proviriciam perfecit eandem. Obiit 15 Septembris Anno 1637. Nec nonin Memoriam Prudentissimi viri Johannis Lowther Filii ejus, Baronetti, Quinatus20 die Februarii Anno 1605, E viuis excessit 30 Novembris 1675, Quiambo et virtutibus exemplar Et Patrimonio Potestatem Benefaciendi Posterisrelinquerunt. Arms of Lowther.

Lowther Sir John Lowther's Arms impaling Thynne with Crest of Lowther (dragon statant, wings displayed), helmet and mantling, & the date 1687 on a scroll. (Hill MSS. 6, 179).

Lowther (In. S. Transept, altar tomb, thereon recumbent alabaster figure in armourand ruff. Pedigree and M .I). I. John Lowther of Lowther in ye Covetye of Westmerland Knight (married) Lucye his wife daughter . of Sr. Christopher Curwin Knight (& had issue). II. Hughe Lowther Esqvire maried Dorathye daughter ofHenry Ld. Clifford, they had issve. III. Margaret maried to Joh Richmond of Highet Esqr. hath issve. Anne married to Tho: Wibergh of Clifto. Esquire,they have issve. Francis married to Sr. Henrye Goodyer of Powlswoorth Knight, they have issve. Gerard Lowther Esqvier Apprentice of y Lawe,Barberre, married to Tho: Carleton of Carleton, Esqu. Theyhave issve. Richard Lowther Knight, married and had issve, by Frances theda. of John Middleton of Middleton Esq. IV. Anne marrid to Alexander Fetherston of Fetherst. Esqvire, They have issve. Francis married to Tho:Cliborne of Cliborne Esq: and hath issve. Gerard Lowther Esq: one of ye Jvstices of ye Comon Pleas in Ireland. S. Christoph. Lowther Knt. marriedElinor Musgrave and hath issve. Hvgh Lowther Capitayne in ye voyage ofPortvgale A.Dni. 15 . . Lancelott Lowther Esqvire Sollicitor general toQueene Anne. William Lowther married Elinor Welberye and by her hath issve. Sr. Rich: Lowther Knig: svcceeded Hen: Lod. Scroope in ye Office of Lo:Warden of ye West Marches, & was thrice a commissionor in ye greate Affayresbetweene England & Scotland all in ye time of Qveene Elizabeth & after hehad seene his children to ye 4th degree, geven them vertvovs education &meanes to live, advanced his brothers & sisters out of his owne patrimony,governed his familye & kept plentifvll hospitallitye for 57 yeares together,he ended his life ye 27th of Jan : Ao. Dni. 1607 Ætas. Suæ 77 uttring at hislast breth these verses followinge. (Below is a brass Plate but no trace ofletters having ever been engraved upon it. Bp. Nicolson gives the 1st word"Quod," adding, "the rest worn out of the black marble," about 18 lines?The pedigree of 4 descents as above, is in tabular form. Over it are theArms of Lowther quartering Quaile, Stapleton, Lucy, Strickland, Warcop, the3 martlets volant, & Lancaster.

Lowther (In. N. Transept, brass). To the memory of -Lucy Eleanor Lowther wife of Colonel the Honble. Henry-Cecil Lowther and daughter of Philip fifth Earl of Harborough, born 21st May 1792, died 8th June,1848. Arms, Lowther impaling Sherard with helmet, crest, and mantling.

Lowther (In. S). In M, Mary third daughter of William Earl of Lonsdale K.G. and widow of the Lord Frederick Bentinck fourth son of William third Duke of Portland. B. xxviii October mdcclxxxv D, xxi October mdccclxii. O God thou art my God, Early will I seek thee. My soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh also longeth after thee: in a barren and a dry land where no water is. Thus have I looked for thee in holiness: that I might behold thy power and glory. Have I not remembered thee in my bed: and thought upon thee when I was waking? Because thou hast been my helper: therefore under the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice. Hallelujah.

Lowther (Brass, 1430, floor S. aisle). Moribus expertus, et miles honore repertus, Lowther Robertus jacet umbra mortis opertus. Aprilis mense decimante diem necis ense, Transit ad immense celestis gaudia mense. Mille quadringentis ter denis mens morientis, Arinis viventis escas capit omnipotentis. (Bp. Nic. Visit. 1703, now removed, 1889).

Lowther (In. N. wall, brass). In Memory of Frances Mary Thompson great niece of Sir William . Lowther Bt. of Swillington, the Father of William IInd Earl of Lonsdale K.G. She was born Xmas-day mdccxcvi and died at Rome Nov, xxiv. mdcccxliv, and at her own desire was buried on the North side of this churchyard. T hem which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him.