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Barton (Chancel floor brass). Beneath this Chancel and on the South side of this plate are interred John Charles Bristow and Sophia Anne his wife who departed life on the dates inscribed on the mural tablet opposite. (See under Richardson.) This memento was placed here by Colonel T. W. Bristow the son of the deceased in February 1872.

Barton (W. stone edging, cross at foot). Sacred memory of Major General J. W. Bristow B. S. C. of Eusmere Hill, who died January 1876. Also of his eldest daughter Mary Anne Theophila, wife of W. C. Ormrod, Captn. 5th Fuslliers, who died at Fort Chunar, Bengal, March 14th 1876, aged 27.

Barton (In. chancel N .) To the memory of Sophia Anne eldest daughter of John Richardson Esqre of Calcutta who was born Feb: l0th 1793 married to John Charles Bristow Esqre March 30th 1812 and died November . 16th 1836 leaving five sons and seven daughters with their father to lament the irreparable loss of her who in life fulfilled every duty of Christian Faith and Charity. Also John Charles Bristow Esqre husband of the above who died 18th of September 1856 aged 72 and whose mortal remains opposite this tablet and in the Chancel of this Church are deposited.