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Found 6 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Barton (S. card under glass). In L. Memory of Thomas Cannon of Penrith Who died on Wednesday May 6th 1885 Aged 46 years. Interred at Barton on Friday May 8th, Like crowded forest trees we stand, And some are marked to fall, The axe will smite at God's command, And soon shall smite us all.

Brough (N). In Memory of James Cannon of Brough who died August 22, 1863 aged 37 years. Also 2 of his children viz. William Pattinson and Walter who died in infancy. Weep not for me my wife and children dear, I must be here till Christ appears, My death you know, my grave you see, Prepare yourselves to follow me.

Brough (N). In a. R. William Cannon of Burtongill who died February 14th 1876 aged 83 years. " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord " And of Margaret the beloved Wife of the above William Cannon who died August 20th1882 aged 86 years.

Musgrave (E). In loving memory George Cannon, Eden Flatt, who died November 26th 1881 aged 39 years.

Musgrave (E). In memory of John son of William and Ann Cannon of Hall Garth in this Parish who died February 7, 1812 aged 16 years. Also William their Son died October 30, 1817 aged 23 years. Also Mary Cannon of Brough late of Hall Garth and sister of the above, who died June 11, 1860 aged 72 years. Also of George Cannon who died December 18th 1874 aged 67 years.

Musgrave (E). In memory of Margaret Ann Cannon daughter of George and Mary Cannon of Hall Garth who died Oct. 22nd 1846 aged 6 years. Also Isabella Cannon their daughter who died July 5th 1855 aged 2 years. Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of heaven.