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Found 5 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Brough (S). S. In Memory of Joseph Allison of Bordale, Stainmore, who died September 4th 1856 aged 59 Yrs.

Brough (E). In Memory of Mary Ann Watson the Beloved Wife of J. W. Allison, High Mill, Brough, who died December . 5th 1880 aged 46 years.

Dufton To the memory of James Allison of Birkdale who died March 13th 1796 aged 60 years. , also Mary his wife died June 1st 1804 aged 72, also Joseph Allison their son died February 6th 1826 aged 54, also Henry Allison of Birkdale who died May l0th 1834 aged 71 years. , also of John son of the above Joseph Allison who died November 23rd 1836 aged 33 years. , also of James Allison who died July 2nd 1842 aged 72 years. , also of Thomas Allison of Birkdale who died May 26th 1864 aged 71 years.

Dufton (S). In memory of Sarah wife of Joseph Allison of Birkdale who died Oct. 20, 1855 aged 81 years. , also of James their son, of High Ewbanks, Stainmore, who died February 17th 1871 aged 66 years.

Shap Here . . . the Body . . . of . . . Richard . . . . April ye 9th . . . 1741. (Mr. Whiteside identifies this as Margaret wife of Richard Allison).