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Found 6 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Appleby St Lawrence (N.E). In memory of John Dargue who died on the 3rd of July 1867 aged 75 years. His end was peace. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died on the 25th of August 1879 aged 75 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (N.E). In affectionate remembrance of John Dargue who died June 5th 1884 aged 19 years. Also of Dorothy Dawson who died April 23rd 1881 aged 67 years.

Appleby St Lawrence (Near the Font). Here lyes the Body of William Dargue Servant to the Right Honorable Thomas Earl of Thanet who dyed the Fifth day of December Anno Dom. 1685. (Bp. Nic. Visit. 1703).

Dufton (E). To the memory of John Dargue of Dufton, who died April 14th 1825 aged 66 years. , also Mary his widow who died at Appleby August 5th 1840 aged 83 years. In memory of William son of George and Tamar Willan who died May 22nd 1839 aged 22 years.

Dufton (E). To the memory of Ruth the wife of John Dargue, who died April 28th 1825 - aged 29 y., also John their son who died Janry 5th 1825 aged 5 years.

Dufton (E). In memory of Thomas Dargue who died September 21st 1848 aged 53 years. Also Jonathan his son who died July 30th 1837 aged 4 years. John his son who died November 26th 1872 aged 49 years. Also Ann wife of the above Thomas Dargue who died Oct. 19 1882 aged 82 years.