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Found 2 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Kendal (Bellingham chapel floor). Hic jacet Anna Crackenthorp, Roberti & Jane Ridgeway Filia Qure Mortem obiit non pertubata 17mo. Die Januarii Anno Salutis 1770 Aetatis 19. Reverendus Gilbertus Crackenthorp, Scholae Candaliensis Præfectus, In Memoriam Charissimæ conjugis, hoc Monumentum Mærens posuit.

Kendal (In. Bellingham chapel floor). Here lie the Remains of Elizabeth Wife of Mr.Gilbt. Crackenthorp, Master of the Grammar School in Kendal, daughter of Robt. & Elizabeth Wilson of the Coffee House in Highgate who died the 2d of January 1774 aged 53.