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Found 3 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Kendal (E). Tom. Ann Elleray, daughter of Robert & Jane Elleray of Kirkland, Tanner, who departed this life January 20th 1826 Aged 5 years. Also of Robert Elleray their Son who departed life February 18th 1828 Aged 9 years. , And of Jane Elizabeth Elleray, second Da. of the above named who departed life December 23rd 1837 Aged 10 years. Also in m. Robert Elleray, Father to Children above named who departed this life April 12th 1849 Aged 71 years. Also of Jane Elleray the beloved Wife of the above who departed this life October 23, 1855 Aged 59 years.

Kendal (E). Here lies Interred Christopher Elleray late of Cooper House in Strickland Roger, Tanner, who departed this life the 22d Day of March in the years. 1748 in the 66 years. of his Age.

Kendal (N. 2 altar tombs, rail). [1] Here lie the Remains of Robert Nicholson la te of the Market-place in Kendal; Grocer, who died September the 17th 1741 aged 75 years. Here also lie the Remains of Thomas Elleray late of the Market-place, Grocer and Tallow chandler, who died December the 5th 1782 aged 80 years. Isabella EIleray placed this Monument as a Testimony of her respect to the Memory of an Uncle and a Brother. [2] Isabella Elleray a maiden lady died l. October 29th. 1788, after surviving the rest of her family and the in- timates of her earlier years; she died not unlamented. Her munificence endeared her to the poor who mourn the loss of their common friend. Her bounty was not confined to the present age alone, but provided for posterity by augmenting the funds of the public charities in this town by liberal donations to the Hospital, Sunday School's and Dispensary. She died in the 79th years. of her age.