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Found 6 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Kendal (S). Isabella Frankland, Aged 19, 1826, Ann Frankland died June 12th 1840 Aged 41 years. Margaret Frankland died October 26th 1840 Aged 70 years.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of Isabel, wife of George Frankland, of Whingill who departed this life the 16th of February 1805 aged 60. George Frankland her husband died September . 7th 1811 aged 73. Richard Frankland of Coat Garth died December 6, 1811 aged 45. Mary his wife died February . 8th 1802 aged 36. Elianor his daughter died November . 1st 1832 aged 21. Margery his 2nd wife died April 21st 1842 aged 70.

Kirkby Stephen Here lies the body of Mary Frankland wife of Richard Frankland of Coat-Garth who departed this life the 8th of February 1802 aged 36 years.

Kirkby Stephen Here are deposited the Remains of the late Richard Frankland of Soulby who departed this life February 19, 1812 aged 64 years.

Musgrave (S). In memory of George Frankland of Gt. Musgrave who died December 25th 1860 Aged 63 years. Also of Ann Frankland his wife who died April l0th 1853 Aged 57 years. Also of Thomas Bland Frankland of Longrigg who died December 29th 1846 aged 19 years. also of William Frankland of Longrigg who died December 24th 1872 Aged 42 years.

Musgrave (E). In memory of George son of Richard and Jane Frankland who died May 26th 1863 Aged 4 years. & 7 m. Also of their daughter Mary Isabella Frankland who died July 25th 1871 Aged 15 years.