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Found 3 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Kendal (In. Bellingham chapel E). Near this place lieth the remains of Obadiah Hadrington late of Kendal, shopkeeper, who departed this life August 15 1773 in the 56th y. of his age. Near this place also lieth the remains of Mary Hadrington [formerly wife of Anthony Jennings, Printer, and afterwards wife of the above Obadiah Hadrington] who departed this life September 13th 1776 in the 60th years. of her Age.

Kendal (E.) George Jennings of Kendall, died 1lth of September 1823 Aged 68 years. Also Ann his Wife died 9th February 1837 Aged 84 also to the memory of Elizabeth, wife of James Jennings (of Kirkland) who died January 28th 1848 Aged 64 years. Also of the above James Jennings, who departed this life September 20th 1855 Aged 70 years. and was interred at Castle Park Cemetery.

Kendal (In. brass, Bellingham chapel). Here lie the Remains of Anthony Jennings, late of Kendal, Printer, who died January 7th 1745 aged 28 years. Near also lie the Remains of Anthony Jennings his Son, late of Wigan in Lancashire, Brazier, who died December 9th 1767 aged 22y. Weep not for Us, my Friend so Dear, We are not Dead, but Sleepeth Here, To seek Corruption in the Dust, Till Christ shall raise us with the Just.