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Found 3 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Kendal (E). Sacred memory of Elizabeth Halhead, Wife of James Halhead of Stonebank Green; who died March 29th 1805 Aged 26 years. , Also of Martha Halhead, Second Wife of James Halhead who died May 31st 1815 Aged 48 years. , Also of James Halhead of Stonebank green who died January 1st 1821 Aged 50 years. Also Ann, Widow of the above James Halhead who departed this life February 14th 1839 Aged 63. And in m. James Halhead their Son who departed this life November 30th 1854 Aged 52 years.

Kendal (W. flat tomb, rail). Sacred memory of James Halhead, Cabinet maker & Upholsterer of this Town who departed this Life Janry. l0th 1832 Aged 35 Years. Also of John Halhead, Son of the above who died June l0th 1844 Aged 25 Years. His affectionate Widow caused this Stone to be erected.

Kendal (Choir window E}. i. h: s. (on scrolls) (I) I believe in God and in Jesus Christ. (2) Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost. Suffered under Pontius Pilate. (3) He descended into Hell, rose again, sit teth on the right hand of God 4) From whence He shall come to judge, I believe in the Holy Ghost, the Holy Catholic Church (5) the Communion of Saints, The forgiveness of Sins. (6) The Resurrection of the Body And the life everlasting. (Figures) S. Luke Evanst. St. Matthew Evanst., St. John Evanst. St. Mark Evanst. This Window is offered in Pious remembrance of John Halhead of Kendal who died on the 6th day of July In the years. of our Lord 1830, by His Son Hilton Halhead, Merchant of Liverpool. Mr. A. O Connor A.D. 1855