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Found 14 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Beetham (W). Sacred memory of Thomas Briggs of Slackhead Who died January 27th, 1821 Aged 65 Y. And of Betty Briggs his wife Who died June 7th 1808 Aged 49 years. Also of Sarah Briggs their daughter, for thirty six years. the faithful Servant of John Simpson Esqr of Lancaster and his family, Who died much regretted 21st of May 1846 Aged 56 years.

Brough (S). Sacred memory of Joseph Simpson of Oxenthwaite who died July 3rd 1816 aged 69 years. Also Mary his Wife who died June 23d 1832 aged 79 years. Also their grand-daughter Mary Harker who died March 27th 1831 Aged 19 years. Also of Sarah their daughter who died January 23rd 1844 Aged 55. Also of Elizabeth Harker Their daughter who died June 14th 1852 aged 72 years. Also of William Simpson their son who died February 26. 1855 aged 72 years. And of Elizabeth the Wife of William Simpson who died February 9th, 1875 aged 83 years.

Brough (E). In I. Memory of Mary Elizabeth daughter of John and Mary Simpson of Brough who died July 24th 1879 aged 5 years. and II m.

Heversham (E. flat tomb, rail). Sacred memory of Thomas Simpson of Wattsfield who departed this life December . 29th, 1830, aged 80 years. Also Elizabeth his wife, who died January 13th, 1831 Aged 81 years. Also Ann Willan, sister of the above Thomas Simpson, who died December . 26th, 1819 Aged 66 years. Also of Elizabeth Cropper, wife of Thomas Willan who d. 16th December 1831, Aged 29 years. I know that my Redeemer liveth. Also of Richard Willan, Husband of the above Ann Willan who departed this life May 29th, 1833 Aged 79 years. Also of Sarah, the Wife of JohnWalker, and Sister to the above Thomas Simpson who departed this life December 7th, 1833 Aged 80. Also of John Walker, husband to the above named Sarah Walker, who died l, May 2nd, 1836 Aged 92 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Kendal (E). In memory of Eleanor, Wife of James Simpson of Kendal, Solicitor, who died 4th September 1807 aged 42. And of their two sons John, died 11 April 1803 aged 4, James died June 18, 1803 aged 2. And of the above James Simpson who died lst Jan. 1815 aged 48. Also in m. John Davison Atkinson, grand-son of the above James and Eleanor Simpson, who died August 12th 1841 Aged 8 years. And of James Masterson Atkinson his brother who died June 10th 1843 Aged 7 years.

Kendal (W). In memory of John Simpson, Kirkland, Who died March 23, 1814 Aged 15 years. N. S. 1829.

Kendal (W). Sacred memory of Richard Simpson late of this town, plasterer, who died March 16th 1832 aged 75 years. , also of Ann his Wife who died December . 14th 1809 aged 41 years. Requiescant In Pace.

Kirkby Stephen In memory of Anthony Simpson of Nateby who departed this life August the 18th 1777 aged 62.

Kirkby Stephen (Brass on lectern). To the glory of God and in m. of James Simpson, 23 years vicar of this parish, obit March 9th 1886, Presented by his widow, Christmas 1886.

Kirkby Stephen (In. on a boss near tower). January 1873, Reverend . Dr. Simpson, Vicar, James Bell, Artist and Master Painter, Christopher Waits, forman Joiner (Kendal), Joseph Wood, Mason, Hartley. (Mr. Berry).

Kirkby Thore (S). In memory of William Simpson who died March 15th, 1843 aged 78 years. and Sarah his wife who died Dec 16th, 1844 aged 75 years. also of Mary Atkinson their daughter who died at Kirkby Stephen November . 4th 1860 aged 64 years.

Lowther I.H.S. In loving memory Thomas Simpson of Hackthorpe who died 21st August 1877 aged 67 years. also of Margaret his wife who died 1st May 1882 aged 67 years.

Orton (N). To the memory of John Milner of Coatflatt Hall who died on the 18th day of April 1845 in the 87th years. of his age. This Monument is Erected by his Sorrowing Widow Eleanor. And to the memory of their Youngest Son Robert who died at Todmorden on the 1st day of September 1825 aged 26 years. And of their Eldest Son John who died at Coatflatt on the 14th day of October 1837 aged 43 years. And of their only daughter Esther, Wife of Samuel Simpson who died on the 4th day of November 1847 aged 43 years. Also of Eleanor the Widow of the above-named John Milner of Coatflatt Hall, who died on the 23rd day of March 1850 In the 77 years. of her age.

Orton (S. Brass on stone). "Verily there is a reward for the righteous." Here are Interred Ruth Simpson B. December 10th 1808.D. November 3rd 1883. John Simpson Her Husband, Parish Clerk over 40 years. Had this Memento Erected.