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Found 11 records in Westmorland Church Notes.

Beetham (S. altar tomb). Sacred memory of Ann wife of William Burrow of Arnside who died December 25th 1822 aged 87y., also of William Burrow husband of the above who died December 13th 1826 aged 87 years. and of Grace Barker their daughter who died November 18th 1831 aged 56 years. also of Robert Barker husband of the above, who died April 10th 1856 aged 76 years. also of Roger Barker, son of the above who died at Arnside May 2nd 1885 aged 79, and of Joan his wife, who died January 10th 1885. aged 65. (On flowers under glass) rest in peace.

Beetham (W). In Memory of Richard Burrow of Leighton Beck who died May 6th 1859 Aged 65 years. And of Margaret his wife who died June 19th 1860 Aged 54 years. Also of Mary Waterhouse, niece of the above Margaret Burrow who died February 16th 1858 Aged 26 years.

Beetham (S). In loving memory Cicily Jane daughter of Paul & Mary Elizabeth Burrow of Milnthorpe, born March 27, 1882, died April 23, 1883. BUSH. (S). In affectionate remembrance of John Robinson Bush of Yealand Redmayne who died the 5th day of December 1861 aged 52 years. also of Mary 1860 aged 63 years. Requiescant in pace.

Burton In Kendal (In. S. over door). Here Lies intered The Body of John Lucas Late of Holme Gent. Who departed this life 1692 Aged 40 years. Here also Lies intered the Body of Deborah Lucas his Wife, daughter of Edward Burrow of Foulstone who departed this life 1740 Aged 90 years.

Heversham (E. flat tomb, with rail). Sacred memory of James Burrow, surgeon, Prestwich, who died l. the 5th of December . 1851 in the 42nd years. of his age.

Heversham (E. with rail). In affectionate remembrance of Mary the beloved daughter of Thomas & Phoebe Burrow who died at Cartmel, January 12th 1870 aged 10 years. , interred at St. Mary's church, Cartmel, also of Elizabeth their daughter who died August 25th 1874 aged 13 y. Also of Phoebe their daughter who died August 27th 1874 aged 9 years. They died at Morecambe and were interred here.

Heversham (E). In memory of Obadiah Burrow of Heversham, who died September 20th 1863, aged 80 years. Also of Mary his Wife, who died February 23rd 1863, aged 83 years. Also John their Son who died at Adelaide, South Australia, December 5th 1875 aged 63 years.

Heversham (S. altar tomb). Here lieth the Remains of the Revnd. William Wilson of Darwen, Lancashire, who departed this life the 7th October 1790, Aged 31 years. Soon from my Friends was called away Unto my everlasting Rest, Gladly the Call I did obey Because the Life he thought it best. James Wilson, Father of the Above, died 21st January 1795 Aged 83 years. Ellen, Wife of the Above, died 5th September . 1796 Aged 84 years. Ellen their daughter m. to John Burrow of Milnthorpe, died May 14th, 1812 Aged 68 years. Mary her sister died unmarried Augst. 1816 Aged 62 years. John Burrow, Husband of Ellen, died March 18th 1829 Aged 78Y . Ann his daughter and Wife of John Postlethwaite of Milnthorpe died January 25th, 1838 Aged 56 years. " If we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him." John Postlethwaite, Husband of the above died December 21st, 1845 Aged 59 years. " As in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive."

Kirkby Lonsdale (In. Tower wall N. urn & 3 inscriptions on pediment). I. (centre). To m. Hugh Ashton Esq. of Underley Hall who died XII January MDCCXLIX aged XLVI. Eleanor Benn his wife XXI November MDCCLXXXII aged LXXIX and James their son XVI November MDCCLXV aged. xxx. 2 (left). Arthur Burrow Esq. of Lupton died XIV January MDCCLXVII aged XXXVI. Frances Ashton his wife XXI March MDCCCV aged LXVII and J oseph Burrow Esq. of Kirkby Lonsdale III June MDCCLXXXVII aged XXIV and Arthur Burrow Esq. A.B. of London XXII June MDCCCXXVII aged XXXVIll, whose virtues, worth and learning need not here to be recorded. 3 (right) William Birdsworth Esq. of Kirkby Lonsdale, died XXVI March MDCCCX aged LXXII, Anne Ashton his Wife III February MDCCCIll aged LXVI and Eleanor their daughter XVI April MDCCCI aged xxxv and James their son XXVII November MDCCCXVI aged XXXIX.

Kirkby Lonsdale (N). In memory of Alice Burrow who died at Middleton March 24th 1860 aged 86 years. also of Jane Wilman daughter of the above who died at Lancaster May 20th 1879 aged 79 years. also of Alice Atkinson daughter of the above Alice Burrow who died at Bonefield Bank, Casterton, February . 20th 1887 aged 74.

Kirkby Lonsdale (E. altar tomb). Here lieth all ye children of Robert and Susanna Burrow ye daughter of Thomas Warriner of Hutton Roof. Isabel died in ye 2d. years. of her age 1720. Dorothy in ye 17th (y.) 1741, Robert in ye years. 1746. Sleep Vertues Children in your Bed of Clay, just gone beyond to point us out the way. Robert Burrow died February ye 8th 1763 aged 65 Susanna his wife died February ye 14th 1763 aged 61. (Mr. Jennings' version).